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Plumbing Inspector Resume

Plumbing inspectors work as code enforcement officials for federal, state or local government agencies. They have to ensure that all plumbing installations in commercial, residential and industrial construction projects comply with sanitation standards, plumbing codes and construction specifications.

They inspect replacements or repairs to existing plumbing systems, as well as new plumbing systems. These include water distribution systems, water heater installations, water supply systems, sewer systems, drainage systems, private disposal systems, fire sprinkler systems, and others.


While visiting the sites, they must inspect everything visually, but they also have to use testing equipment and inspection tools to check the safety and quality of the materials and workmanship. Plumbing inspectors are also responsible for checking the proper installation of plumbing systems and the materials used to see if these are approved (for example back-flow prevention devices), for reviewing pre-approved specifications and plumbing plans in order to verify that they have been followed and for checking that the hired plumbers have valid licensing and certification. In case of noncompliance, a plumbing inspector notifies the owners, supervisors or contractors and explains what issues must be fixed before approval can be given.

Employers look for candidates with at least a high school diploma or an equivalent, but those who have completed a college in mechanical engineering or a similar field will be preferred. Some employers will also hire candidates who have completed a trade or technical school program in the field of plumbing. In addition to the educational requirements, employers will require several years of experience in a supervisory position, in plumbing and sewer systems, but also knowledge of laws and codes governing plumbing installations.

Plumbing Inspector Sample Resume

Personal Details

Name: Theodore Mosby
Birth Date: 9 August 1977
Nationality: American
Driver's License: Yes


Seeking to fill the position of a plumbing inspector where I can use my experience to guarantee the highest standards of quality.

Education and Professional Training

  • High school diploma from the Gratitude High School, Dallas, Texas in 1995
  • In-depth knowledge of the plumbing systems and of the variety of methods of maintaining, installing and repairing plumbing equipment
  • Strong ability to interpret the proper codes while inspecting plumbing equipment
  • Excellent ability to install, repair and maintain various plumbing systems, appliance and equipment
  • Familiar with safety regulations, federal and state laws
  • Remarkable ability to interpret and read blueprints and technical manuals
Professional Experience

2005-Present date: Plumbing inspector for GreenTech Services, Dallas, Texas

Duties and responsibilities:

  • Administering the plumbing systems and issuing notices to those who violated laws
  • Monitoring the construction work and giving a completion permit and certificate if it was in compliance
  • Regulating the inspection process to evaluate and ensure that no hazardous materials were used
  • Assisting in resolving all complaints regarding plumbing installation and preparing records of findings
  • Scheduling inspections for plumbing systems and ensuring there are no violations
1996-2005: Plumber for Safe Plumbing Inc., Dallas, Texas

Duties and responsibilities:

  • Inspecting, repairing, installing, modifying and maintaining plumbing fixtures in heating, drainage and water systems
  • Identifying plumbing, electrical and safety issues and taking corrective action
  • Measuring, cutting, assembling and installing tubing and pipes
  • Checking plumbing systems to detect leaks
  • Installing sanitary and water fixtures

Member of the American Association of Plumbers.

Areas of interest

  • Cooking
  • Sports

Available upon request.

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