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Precision Instrument Repairer Resume

The precision instruments repairer works in different domains, in research laboratories or in repair shops. Depending on the domain they work in, the specialists may repair thermometers, cameras, telemeters, weapons, stethoscopes, barometers, telescopes, gyrocompass and other measuring devices. The repairers will repair and adjust these instruments and will keep them in good condition. They will search the defect of the instrument and fix it.

The precision instrument repairer may specialize in fixing various types of instruments or on just one. It is important for him to update his knowledge and to learn about new measuring technologies and instruments in order to know how to repair them.


The precision instrument repairer works with special diagnostic tools which will be helpful in his activity. A good specialist possesses knowledge in the field and also talent for fixing and adjusting the instruments.

In a job like this, one has to always be willing to learn new technologies and procedures.

For a job as a precision instrument repairer, where precision is the main word, the worker has to be very attentive to details, creative and able to figure out how to adjust and repair precision instruments. The candidate has to present himself through his resume as a capable person interested and able to deal with the requirements of the job presented above.

Precision Instrument Repairer Sample Resume

Personal Details

Name: Johnny Denser
Birth date: 09.09.1982
Nationality: American
Driver's License: Yes


The Precision Instrument Repairer is a person with knowledge about the repairs of various precision instruments. He will try to find the problem of the instrument and to find the right solution for fixing it. By repairing instruments, he will provide good condition for developing activities in medicine, military, photography and various sciences.


To become a respected precision instrument repairer and to become known for my work; to satisfy all the clients and to bring profits for your company; to communicate well with all the customers and colleagues and to have the best results; to learn more about the new technologies


Well trained with experience in repair precision instruments, very patient with manual dexterity and great technical and practical skills, I enjoy repairing instruments and I find this job challenging and interesting; I want to become specialized in repairing precision instruments from various domains


  • Good computer knowledge
  • Ability to repair machines and instruments
  • Analytical thinking
  • Manual dexterity
Work Experience

Precision instruments repairer,
SECDS Institution, San Francisco, 2003, present

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Receiving orders
  • Identifying defects on different precision instruments such as thermometers, cameras, telemeters, weapon, stethoscopes, barometers, telescopes.
  • Reassembling instruments
  • Preparing sketches
  • Adjusting instruments
  • Testing the instruments to assure proper functionality
  • Assembling and measuring elements and instruments parts
  • Recording inspection and test dates
  • Solving technical problems

Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineer,
San Francisco University, San Francisco, 2003


  • Improved manual dexterity
  • Developed technical skills
Areas of interest

Mechanical Engineer


Robert Tuners
SECDS Institution, San Francisco

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