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Prepress Technician Resume

The printing activity has three steps: prepress, press, and finishing. Prepress technicians are in charge of the prepress labor. They carry out a great range of duties to aid convert pictures and text into complete pages and arrange these pages for printing.


Prepress workers usually utilize a photographic method to produce offset printing plates. This is an intricate method which involves using chemical exposure and ultraviolet light through which the images and text of a print process solidify on a metal plate and turn water repellent. These solid, water repellent parts of the metal plate shape of the images and text that will be printed. Lately, nevertheless, the printing field has embraced technology including the process known as "direct-to-plate," with the help of this system the technician enters data into a computer and that computer translate it to a plating system , bypassing the necessity for the aged photographic practice.

The evolution in computer science and printing technologies keep on changing the prepress work. Prepress workers habitually are given files from clients in electronic format, which hold typeset objects by now laid out in pages. This work is typically done by graphic designers and desktop publishers who are closely acquainted with publishing software. Regardless of the shortcuts that technology allows, workers even now need to comprehend the basic practices behind printing operations. Several workers, called job printers, carry out print and prepress operations. Usually, prepress technicians become so by engaging in apprenticeship programs, learning from more experienced professionals. On the other hand, there are press-related programs, of 2 or 4 years, in many colleges and universities. These last options have more influence in getting employed.

Prepress Technician Resume Sample

Kasey Johaness
11, Red Street
Redville, US, 28777
Home: (222) 333-5555,
Mobile: (666) 777-8888


Dedicated professional seeking an exigent and stimulating position as Prepress Technician within a company where outstanding knowledge and background are required to guarantee high quality and excellence in printing practices to ensure that the goals are met.


A very gifted Prepress Technician with vast experience in using process camera in groundwork for film negatives and for development and processing of negatives through the completed activity; using desktop publishing software and hardware to design, proofread, type set, layout, produce graphics to produce newsletters, forms and other material.

List of Skills

  • Over 7 years of experience
  • Great knowledge of processes and operation regarding the process camera
  • Vast knowledge of flatting and stripping film
  • Outstanding knowledge of MSOffice software
  • Extraordinary experience in designing and paging layout applications
  • Thorough knowledge of illustration and drawing software
  • Solid familiarity with photo handling software
  • Brilliant ability to run pre-press tools, develop film negatives and operate desktop computers
  • Ability to use word processing, drawing, page layout, photo manipulation and illustration applications in order to make brochures, newsletters and many other items

Working Experience

Red Publishers Co., Redville, US 2003-Present
Prepress Technician

  • Operating the process camera halftone negatives and arrange line.
  • Developing and inspecting opaque film negatives.
  • Stripping and flatting negatives for single and bi color printing, counting accurate registration.
  • Burning and developing metal plates.
  • Making stats, velox and carrying out paste-up activities.
  • Creating and designing newsletters, forms, brochures and other items.
  • Precisely typesetting and proofreading copies.
  • Scanning in, manipulating and retouching photos with suitable software.
  • Keeping exact time records with the help of the keypad structure and maintaining schedules.


  • High School Diploma , Red High, Redville, 2002
  • On the job training, Red Publishers Co., Redville, USA

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