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Radio Television Mechanic Resume

Radio and television mechanics arrange, fix and fine-tune TV receivers and antennas and educate clients of the correct way to make use of this equipment. They repair and install stereo element systems, videotape gear, automobile radios and moreover, they ought to have an understanding of oscilloscopes and various other tools. They should therefore possess knowledge of how to wire and mount a range of components and be capable of using valve and transistor testers, simple meters and electronic voltmeters. While drafting a radio television mechanic resume , one should keep these factors in mind.


A radio television mechanic are in charge of the maintenance and regulation of record players and it is also vital that they are aware of the latest circuit diagrams and electronic drawings. The domestic radio and television mechanic performs his duties in a well-resourced workshop or at the customer's home. They might also be required to travel a great deal.

Usually, employers look for certain qualities when they hire these types of professionals. Radio and television mechanics are supposed to take pleasure in working with tools and with their hands. Because they interact with clients on a daily basis, it is quite important that they possess the skills to manage people thoughtfully. It is also important for the radio and television mechanics to have close acquaintance with mechanics, with detailed and meticulous comprehension of electronics.

Normally, domestic radio and television mechanics carry out their tasks for television and radio service workshops and shops that sell television sets, radios, and further electronic sound gear.

Competent radio and television mechanics are capable of starting their personal businesses that fix radios and televisions as well as other electronic machinery. They ought to, nonetheless, have the required capital and a large deal of practice. Wholehearted business logic is imperative if you wish to flourish as an entrepreneur.

Radio Television Mechanic Resume Sample

Contact Details

Harry M. Jones
22, 1st Lane
Big Town, US 87656
Home: (123) 111-8989
Mobile: (456) 234-6655


Dedicated professional seeking a position of a Radio and Television Mechanic to enrich my experience and bring my talent to the optimum use.

Summary of Skills

  • Remarkable mechanical abilities
  • Dependable and passionate employee
  • Possess good work ethic
  • Outstanding customer service attitude
  • Over 7 years of experience in the field
  • Passionate about technology
  • Ready for immediate employment
  • Great communication and interpersonal skills
  • Proficient in performing repairs on all makes and types of television sets and radio equipment

Working History

Radio and Television Mechanic,
2005 - present
Somerville Radio and TV Store and Service, Somerville, US

Roles and responsibilities

  • Worked as Lead mechanic for television and radio repair providing service to households and commercial locations
  • In charge of customer complaints
  • Completed the weekly and monthly reports

Radio and Television Mechanic,
Big Town Television Store and Service, Big Town, US

  • Repaired television sets as per demand
  • Carried out on-site television fixing for business and homes

Education and Training

A Certified Radio Operator from ABC Broadcast Mechanics Institute, 2002, Big City, US
High School Diploma, Big Town High, 1999, Big Town, US

Involvements and Accolades

Member of the American Organization for Television Mechanics
Received the New Member Award, 2006

The job of a radio and television mechanic involves a lot of skill and hard-work. One should be physically fit and strong to carry the day to day tasks and also be ready to travel to distant places as and when required. When drafting a radio and television mechanic resume one should make sure that you emphasize on your skills and show your enthusiasm towards work. Your previous job achievements would also play a vital role when employers shortlist the candidate for the job.

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