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Refrigeration Mechanic Resume

What responsibilities and duties do refrigeration mechanics have?

Refrigeration mechanics keep up all sorts of air conditioning or refrigeration systems. Responsibilities can include the repairing of HVAC, air conditioning and heating systems. In addition, mechanics in this area of expertise troubleshoot, reprogram or modify power mechanisms and circuitry compulsory for refrigeration or heating. Additional tasks include the interpretation, generation or modification of HVAC schematics for modification and repair purposes. A refrigeration mechanic will need to carry out the mentioned ends according to ecological parameters laid down by the specification and purpose of their employer's requirements in terms for airflow, humidity and temperature in a given facility.


What are the requirements for becoming a refrigeration mechanic?

A refrigeration mechanic commonly completes associate degree program or a trade school. Apprenticeships are also accepted as educational requirements compulsory to becoming a refrigeration mechanic. Some study cooling, HVAC or heating and refrigeration fields by gaining job experience subsequent to getting just a high school diploma. A license is maybe required in a few states to facilitate becoming a refrigeration mechanic.

How do the prospects for refrigeration mechanics look?

Many refrigeration or air condition systems will call for replacement within 10 years after installation. Regulatory legislation mandating environmentally friendly refrigeration or energy resourceful systems will also support demand for these mechanics in this area of expertise. The majority of refrigeration mechanics will be needed to install, repair or service more intricate electronic circuits.

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics or BLS, projects that require HVAC or refrigeration mechanics will increase by 9% throughout the year 2016. Moreover, construction and home projects will need the help of refrigeration mechanics to facilitate meeting present technology and energy competence trends.

Refrigeration Mechanic Resume Sample

Personal Details

Name: Jason M. Stewards
Address: 53 Brown Street
A city, US 9899
Mobile: (111)-281-7289
Home: (888)-222-3332
E-mail: jmstewards

Career Objective

Talented professional seeking a position as a refrigeration mechanic in order to demonstrate my excellent abilities and my vast experience.

List of skills

  • Solid experience in repairing, maintaining and installing refrigeration apparatus
  • Vast knowledge of the diverse associated machines and tools, their repairs and maintenance
  • Deep knowledge of the many types of drawings, blueprints and the other design styles needed for repair and maintenance
  • Capacity of using an assortment of tools to fix mechanical devices and other HVAC equipment
  • Acquaintance with refrigeration and HVAC test equipment, materials and tools
  • Capability to carry out intervallic inspections to determine and locate the origin of the equipment's faulty issues
  • Skills in troubleshooting air conditioning, refrigerator and further associated equipments
  • Experienced in assembling and repairing mechanical apparatus
Professional experience

Refrigeration Mechanic
July 2004 - Present
Blue Winds Inc., Big City, USA

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Kept up all refrigeration equipment in the factory
  • Carried out standard defensive maintenance activities on the ammonia refrigeration systems
  • Troubleshooting of all the refrigerators and execute remedial maintenance
  • Assisted various contractors in maintenance and repair of the ammonia system
  • Kept up and altered the systems in keeping with the requirements of the plant.
Refrigeration Mechanic
June 2002 - December 2003
Sand Dust Co., A City, USA

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Installed the timers and thermostats with the help of diverse hand tools
  • Put together records of all the maintenance and fixing activities and recorded the details of the malfunction
  • Replaced and fixed the faulty components in paraphernalia
  • Blueprinted a circuit as a result of joining a variety of pipes to the water, fuel and the refrigerant supplies

High School Diploma from Black and White High School, A City, USA


Available upon request

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