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Respiratory Therapy Technician Resume

Respiratory therapy technicians have the responsibility of evaluating patients with respiratory problems using technical means, under the supervision of the respiratory therapist and the medical personnel taking care of the patient.


Their tasks are similar to that of a respiratory therapists, but the therapists have more responsibility and can make independent judgments. In contrast, respiratory therapy technicians have to follow the directions given by therapists and doctors and have to help the patient take various tests and treatments. They usually work in hospitals and in doctors' offices and their daily responsibilities include testing patients' lung capacity, performing respiratory diagnostic procedures, evaluating the severity of diseases, utilizing respiratory devices, such as ventilators, oxygen equipment, aerosols.

Respiratory therapy technicians have to adhere to medical regulations and safe technical procedures. They may have to monitor patients, the patients' recovery and response to treatment. Other duties are: explaining the treatment to patients, suggesting treatment adjustments and keeping records of therapies and progress. Cleaning and maintaining the respiratory diagnosis and treatment equipment is the responsibility of respiratory technicians.

The resume of respiratory therapy technicians needs to include a special certificate in practicing respiratory therapy, an educational background in the field and a minimum experience. A nursing inclination and the ability to communicate effectively with patients are required, as well as the ability to work in exposure to respiratory diseases that may be contagious.

Sample Respiratory Therapy Technician Resume

Personal Details
Name: Michael Danget
Birth date: 01.05.1972
Address and Contact Details: 1001 Clinton Street, Lockport, IL 60441, USA
Phone: (312) 201-12345
Nationality: American
Marital Status: Married, 1 child
Driver's license: Yes


I wish to be a part of a respiratory therapy team and use my abilities in providing quality services for patients that have respiratory problems and diseases.


Respiratory therapy technician, with knowledge in the field and ability to use special equipment and devices, looking for a job opportunity in the private sector.


  • respiratory therapy knowledge
  • basic nursing abilities
  • technical abilities
  • interpersonal and communicational skills

Computer knowledge:

Microsoft Office
Ability to work with computerized devices

Work Experience:

Respiratory Therapy Technician, 1998-present
Saint Paul General Hospital, Illinois


  • testing patients using respiratory technology and procedures
  • participating at the determination of diagnosis
  • applying treatment techniques and procedures
  • instructing the patients and explaining treatment procedures
  • collaborating with therapists and doctors in treatment adjustments, progress and reaction

Education and Training:

Certification by the National Board for Respiratory Care
Bachelor's Degree in Social Sciences, North Illinois University


As a respiratory therapy technician, I have played a significant part in helping patient be diagnosed and in treating respiratory diseases

Areas of interest:
medicine, technology, social networking


Dr. Helen Major,
Department of Respiratory Care,
Saint Paul General Hospital, Illinois

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