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Ship Carpenter Resume

If you are searching for a ship carpenter job, you have to be aware of how to go about framing a ship carpenter resume in a proper, professional manner. In order to do so, it is essential that we look at the particulars of the job a ship carpenter has to do. Usually, ship carpenters are assigned to different sections of the ship and they are made to supervise, or play a subordinating role in the assembling or building of essential working parts of that part of the ship.


A ship carpenter's job may also demand the following of him:

  • Ship-building skills (ability to participate in building the ship from scratch)
  • Ship-finishing skills (putting finishing touches to the ship, including varnishing)
  • Ship-repairing skills (ability to repair broken furniture or broken ship parts, on demand)
  • Engine Setting (Guiding the physical installation of the ship's engine)
  • Cabinet, door, and porthole construction and installation
  • Ability to apply and install the aluminum siding to the ship's body
  • Devoting time to serve as an "on journey/journeyman"ship carpenter

Requirements of a Ship Carpenter

The ship carpenter's job is much more challenging than the work of a regular carpenter as they are not only required to engage in carpentry related to wood (woodwork), but also carpentry related to metal, and, if he happens to be a supervising carpenter, the foresight to plan out proper spatial arrangements for the engine, furniture, wheel of the ship, et cetera.

A ship carpenter is supposed to be in peak physical condition in order to wield even the heaviest of tools for ship modifications.

Below is included a sample resume for a ship carpenter:

Sample Ship Carpenter Resume

Personal Details

Name: Samuel Hunter
Birth date: 1/ 6/1973
Address: 12 Bellwether Way,
Bellingham, WA 87365
Telephone: (567) 292.4321
Nationality: American
Marital Status: Married
Driver's license: Yes


Certified by the American Boat Builders and Repairers Association to work in building and repairing ship wooden structures. Starting with timber work and ending with design finishing, I have the necessary training and a comprehensive experience of eight years enables me to professionally fulfill the tasks of a ship carpenter.


My objective is to offer my technical skills and abilities as a carpenter in the construction of ships and contribute to the improvement of the company's products.


  • Knowledgeable in ship building techniques and woodworking techniques and procedures
  • Training and experience in carpentry, ship building and repair
  • Physical strength and manual dexterity
  • Over 6 years of experience in this domain
  • Technical abilities and ability to work with blueprints
  • Ability to work in a team for long hours
  • Computer knowledge: basic computer literacy
  • Ability to work with hazardous material

Ship Carpenter, 1995–2010


  • Performing structural ship construction and woodwork
  • Reading blueprints and following technical instructions
  • Working with technical equipment and specific tools
  • Solving occurring building problems
  • Repairing ship
  • Rectifying problems in trueness of structure
  • Performing wood work like building or repairing cabinet, floors, framework or other wooden fixtures used in building by carpenter's hand tools, or power tools
  • Making frames using carpentry tools, screws, nails, pins and glue
  • Checking floor tile, siding, glass or woodwork for any damage or seepage
  • Using ladder or scaffolding for repairing structures above ground level
  • Making estimates for the repair work for clients or employs
  • Filling up any seepage or damage in plaster and sand patch using carpentry equipments
  • Taking care of heating or electrical work by hiring a specialist sub contractor
  • Keeping work area safe by following safety rules and regulations
  • Cutting wood or glasses to the given size and shape using hand and power tools
  • Ensuring functionality and safety of ship woodwork and wood finishing

Education and Training

American Boat Builders and Repairers Association Vocational Certificate

Areas of interest

  • Engineering
  • Wood sculpture
  • Ships and boats
  • Mathematics
  • Sea diving
  • Driving
  • Music
  • Water snookering
  • Swimming


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