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Small Engine Mechanic Resume

Small engine mechanics service and repair power gear ranging from motorcycles to chainsaws. Mechanics normally focus on the fixing and service of a singular sort of equipment, for instance motorboats, motorcycles and outdoor power gear, even though they can work on very much related objects.


When equipment stops working, mechanics utilize an assortment of techniques to identify the source and degree of the trouble. The most important aspect of a good mechanic is the capability to diagnose fuel, mechanical and electrical issues and to fix them quickly. Fast and precise diagnosis entails problem-solving skills and in-depth knowledge of the gear's functioning.

Some positions entail minor modifications or the replacement of a part, but a total engine overhaul can necessitate a lot of time to disassemble the equipment and replace damaged pistons, valves, bearings, and additional inner parts. Some exceedingly accomplished mechanics utilize dedicated components and the newest automated equipment to tailor and adjust motorboats or motorcycles for racing.

Employers favor hiring high school graduates on the positions of trainee mechanics, but many of them will allow undergraduate candidates if they have the satisfactory writing, reading and math abilities. Supportive high school courses take in small engine fixing, auto mechanics, business math and science. The majority of equipment dealers hire high school students on part time jobs and throughout summer to aid with assembling new equipment and carry out light repairs.

Small Engine Mechanic Resume Sample

Mark Robertson
22, 2nd Street
Someville, US, 54345
Home: (123) 321-1234,
Mobile: (321) 123-1235


Seeking the demanding position of a Small Engine Mechanic in a trustworthy company and thereby utilize my rich experience and mechanical skills for the benefit of the company

List of Qualifications

  • Over 8 years of experience
  • Meticulous understanding of all golf course mowing equipment, to comprise hydraulics, and small engine gear, both diesel and gas.
  • Deep knowledge of a variety of golf course vehicles.
  • Thorough functioning understanding of golf course upholding, fixing and operations.
  • Vast working acquaintance with automatic Foley Grinding Equipment.
  • In-depth capability to communicate through verbally and writing ways.
  • Outstanding capacity of operating a personal computer in order to keep records and organize reports.
Professional Experience

ABC Service, Bigville
2002 - Present

Small Engine Mechanic

Duties and Responsibility

  • Fixing or replacing damaged parts, for instance water pump, thermostat, carburetor, gears, pistons, solenoid valves, and others, with the help of hand tools
  • Adapting valves, points, carburetor, and spark plug gaps, utilizing feeler gauges
  • Mending fractional-horsepower gas engines needed to put in function garden tractors, lawn mowers and similar machines
  • Assessing and fixing magnetos utilized in diesel and gasoline engines
  • Repairing and upholding moveable saws with internal combustion engines, with the help of manufacturer's service manuals and utilizing hand tools
  • Assessing and fixing superchargers or turbo
Education and Training
  • Pesticide Applicator License, 2005
  • High School Diploma, 2003

Available upon Request

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