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Stage Technician Resume

Given here are details about the stage technician job along with a few guidelines on how to create a powerful resume. A sample resume is also offered for a better understanding of how a stage technician resume should be written. The stage technician is a person in charge of preparing stages for various occasions. This means that the stage technician erects the stage, installs all the proper equipment such as lights, sound devices and decor elements, which ensures a proper development for theatre representations, musicals, concerts or even presentations on different subjects.

A stage technician needs to discuss with the producer of the event in order to make sure that the stage is built according to the requirements and that it is suitable for the show that will be held. The candidate for this position has to be physically fit, as he will have to carry around heavy objects and pieces of equipment, to climb ladders in order to install the lighting devices and to crawl under the stage to connect various cables. This is a demanding job and you need to have the technical skills. Only in this way you can manage the installation of the necessary apparatus. The resume should definitely present these two aspects of your personality and should also focus on your prior work experience and on the courses you have done and which are important for this line of work.


Stage Technician Sample Resume

Contact Details

Andrew Bright
522 W 38th Street
New York City
10018-1104, United States
(896)456 7890


I want to obtain the stage technician position available at your agency. I want to use my experience in the field to contribute to the well development of various stage representations.


  • Strong technical and mechanical skills
  • Hardworking person
  • Physically fit
  • Complex problem solving ability
  • Critical thinking skill
  • Ability to work with or without supervision
  • 10 years of experience in this domain
  • Extensive technical knowledge of installation of apparatus and lights
  • Creative and innovative
  • Strong communication skills
  • Ability to work for a long stretch of time
  • Organizational abilities

Computer skills

Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Power Point)
Microsoft Outlook

Professional Experience

Stage technician
Small Town Agency, Minneapolis, USA


  • Erected stages following the producer's instructions
  • Installed the lighting and sound devices
  • Added the necessary decor elements
  • Tested the equipment beforehand in order to make sure that it functioned properly
  • Supervised the rehearsals to ensure that nothing bad occurs due to the props
  • Intervened if there were any malfunctions in the equipment used
  • Performing last minute check of cables, lights, apparatus and power cables to make sure that is working fine
  • Making pops, scenery and stage and collecting props provided by producer and connecting braces to each other to support scenery frames in upright position
  • Making stage in such a way that it meets safety standards
  • Attaching scaffolding to ceiling grid using ladder, crawling and balancing on beams to insert ends of cable and ropes through ceiling grid
  • Connecting power cables to equipments, support pipes, lights, apparatus and various sound instruments
  • Administer and instruct support and crew staff members
  • Providing budget input and ordering supplies and materials for the show or event

Stage technician
Vancouver Opera, Vancouver, Canada


  • Installing the rigging, the lights, and the sound equipment
  • Constructing stages for the theater productions
  • Conferring with the producer and with the stage director
  • Reading the stage blueprints and specs
  • Responsible for choosing the types and the locations of props, lights, scenarios and sound equipment
  • Putting the lights on and around the stage area


High school Diploma, Minneapolis High School 2000
Two month workshop on stage technician


Available upon request

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