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Switchboard Operator Resume

Switchboard operators are hired in almost all industries and businesses for the smooth functioning of the day to day tasks of an organization. They are trained workers who work as the first point of contact for callers who wish to speak to the respective department or a person occupying a certain designation in the firm. They resolve general queries of callers or put them through the right channel depending upon the nature of the issue. They help the caller connect to the appropriate department or person and make sure that the call flows are smooth and well organized. Switchboard operators form an essential backbone for a firm as their efficiency and willingness to help clients might lead to building rapport among clients which is very essential in the long run. A switchboard operator resume should be drafted keeping in mind the requirements and the demands of the job. One should also possess all the right skills to apply for this position.


Switchboard operators handle telephone switchboards and consoles to connect hold and transfer outgoing, incoming and inter-office phone calls. Moreover, they run other communications systems, for instance, public address systems, intercoms and two-way radios. They respond to questions, give information to people, and pass on callers to the required contacts. Switchboard operators communicate verbally or in writing and are in charge of marking messages with the time and date. In addition, they maintain records of all the calls placed and charge the appropriate fees. Some of them supervise alarm systems. Switchboard operators can carry out clerical duties. Some switchboard operators are asked to focus on a certain area like routing emergency calls. Calls to such departments need to be correctly directed without delay. Many hospitals have this provision to promptly handle emergency cases.

The compulsory educational requirement for a switchboard operator is an high school diploma or GED, but some of the switchboard operators choose vocational or technical schools or maybe certifications. The best way to achieve the skills required for the job is by undergoing on the job training and practice under the supervision of more experienced workers. Most organizations provide on the job training to employees once hired. Candidates applying for a job in this profile should possess a pleasing voice and polite mannerism apart from good communication and interpersonal skills. Moreover one should be willing to work with complete enthusiasm even while doing the daily routine.

Switchboard Operator Resume Sample

Contact Details

Name: Marry Cutton
Address: 1, Some Street
Somerville, US, 8347
Home: (222) 022-0022


Talented and dedicated worker seeking a challenging position as a Switchboard Operator where I can utilize my skills and past experiences in this profile.


Outstandingly gifted and practical Switchboard Operator with over 6 years of experience in the field. I am excellent at assisting clients and performing all the important functions of a switchboard operator apart from carrying associated clerical tasks. I make sure that all the outgoing and incoming telephone calls are routed through the right channels. I possess excellent communication skills and create a friendly atmosphere among clients and co-workers.

Working History

Switchboard Operator, Somerville State University, Somerville

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Answer, transmit and manage incoming calls with the help of digital databases
  • Give non-interpretative and routine information if needed and stay updated with everyday campus happenings to answer and help callers with the present campus information
  • Perform accuracy and maintenance checks on a digital database of University staff, faculty, and students and update or input new information as required
  • Manage emergency calls, transfer calls to suitable departments, and make sure that callers get through to the proper people
  • Instruct staff, faculty, and students to make sure that the meridian mail, telephone and conference calling are utilized appropriately
  • Perform clerical duties as and when requied

Assistant Switchboard Operator, Minneapolis State University, Minneapolis
2004endash; 2006

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Routed all outgoing and incoming phone calls through the correct channels and provided support to toll-free calls
  • Made sure that the pager messages are routed to the correct departments
  • Performed various clerical duties such as maintaining call records, recording the time and taking messages for personals
  • Responded to questions linked to departments and personnel
  • Helped callers find the correct person or office with whom they needed to talk


High School Diploma (2003)
On the job training, Minneapolis State University, Minneapolis


Available upon request

The above switchboard operator resume can be used as a reference by candidates who wish to apply for this position. The candidates, skills form the major highlight of your resume as they help to grab the best jobs in this category.

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