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Test Technician Resume

Test technician resumes should be composed by keeping in mind the requirements and job profile of a test technician. It is of vital importance that the resume should not be cluttered by any irrelevant information. Test technicians are engineering and electronics specialists who perform quality control trials on different types of products. They carefully inspect finished products or parts to ensure they were built according to the standards and specifications and put the items through various tests to determine their durability, effectiveness, and safety. Test technicians can work in several settings and industries, but large manufacturing plants producing machinery, tools, or electronic goods hire most professionals.


If working in large manufacturing plants that specialize in producing automobiles, airplanes or industrial machines, test technicians will focus on testing certain parts, such as ignition systems or drive shafts. In order to do that, they must start with inspecting pieces and parts along the assembly line while they are put together again, after the product is finished. Additionally, test technicians may work in teams to put machinery or cars through extensive safety and durability runs before they can approve their distribution.

Most employers will look for candidates who have completed an engineering technician program of two years at a community college or a vocational school. Those who also have experience in packaging, production, or quality control have an advantage.

Now that you are looking for the best place to guide you about writing your resume, you have already completed the first step. In this site, you will find every type of resume a person might need. For a test technician, it is important that your resume should look professional and impressive in order to land you the job of your choice. To make an effective resume, read some resume tips and look at the sample provided specially for test technicians, and then you can go and start composing your very own, personalized and impressive resume. Try to use only active voice and powerful action words in the resume as they create an impact on the reader. Remember to proofread your resume many times for mistakes before finalizing it.

Test Technician Resume Sample

Personal Details

Name: Stephen Portman
Address: 23, Hanover Street, Boston, MA, United States.
Phone: 425 629 3353
Date: November,11,2011,


Seeking to work for the position of a test technician in a reputable company

Education and Professional Training:

Associate's degree in electronics from the University of San Diego, California in 1998


  • Strong ability to understand and read mechanical drawings, harness and cable diagrams, test and manufacturing procedures
  • Excellent ability to calibrate and maintain electronic test equipment
  • Remarkable ability to analyze, understand and draw conclusions from test results, but also to present these in test reports
  • Thorough knowledge of RF testing and assembly
  • Exceptional skills in PA tuning, testing and modification

Professional Experience:

2002 - Present date: Quality assurance test technician for Joseph and Sons Company, San Diego, California

Duties and responsibilities:

  • Executing automated and manual regression and system level testing on various operating systems and platforms
  • Installing and configuring software, test infrastructure and tools on test beds
  • Configuring peripherals, computer and operating systems, drivers and industrial software and hardware
  • Resolving setups and system, and hardware failures 1999 - 2002: Test technician for Dawn Car Parts Manufacturer, San Diego, California

Duties and responsibilities:

  • Performing in-process and final assembly tests
  • Assisting in the development process of test procedures to find the most efficient solution
  • Loading and checking software installations
  • Assisting in the inspection of sub-assemblies and incoming materials
  • Assisting in the assembly of prototype products


I successfully implemented new testing techniques in the first month of my work

Areas of interest:

  • Sports cars and bikes
  • Grand prix
  • Travelling
  • Engineering


Ariel Walker, Personnel Manager, Dawn Car Parts Manufacturer, San Diego, California

Other personal details:

Birth date: 01.06.1973
Nationality: American
Marital Status: Married, 1 child
Driver's license: Yes

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