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Transformer Repairer Resume

The duties of a transformer repairer include securing input and output of wires in position; inspecting transformer for defects like cracked welded elements; preparing lamination assembly to inspection and cleaning; cleaning transformer case, using solvent and scrapers; reassembling transformer; draining and filtering transformer oil; filling reassembled transformer with oil; replacing defective or worn parts using hand tools; signaling crane operator when raising heavy transformer components.


A transformer repairers' job requires mechanical knowledge about tools and machines, their uses, about repair, design and maintenance, knowledge in engineering and technology including practical application of technology and engineering science, and applying techniques, principles, equipment and procedures to the design and production of different services and goods.

He has to be able to repair systems or machines using the appropriate tools, to maintain the equipment, including performing routine maintenance activities and determining what kind of maintenance is needed; he needs troubleshooting abilities including determining causes of errors and making decisions on how to solve problems quickly and efficiently, and skills in equipment selection including determining the types of tools and equipment needed for the job.

Also, a transformer repairer must have manual dexterity in order to move his hands quickly in order to manipulate and assemble objects; problem sensitivity to detect when something is wrong or likely to go wrong; dynamic strength because this job requires muscular endurance; and finger dexterity to make coordinated movements of fingers to manipulate and grasp small objects.

When you are writing a resume for the position of a transformer repairer, you should add the skills and qualities you possess in order to have a successful resume and convince the potential employer that you are the ideal candidate for the job.

Transformer Repairer Resume Sample

Personal Details

Name: Barney Rubble
Address: 1st Pebble Street, New York, USA
Phone: (555) 3405 999


Seeking a position as a Transformer Repairer

Summary of Qualifications

  • Qualified professional
  • Attentive to details
  • Mechanical knowledge, including knowledge of tools and machines with their uses, designs, repair and maintenance
  • Engineering and technological knowledge, practical application of technology and engineering equipment to the production of different services and goods
  • Repairing skills
  • Equipment Maintenance
  • Troubleshooting skills
  • Equipment selection skills
  • Manual dexterity and problem sensitivity
  • Dynamic strength and finger dexterity
Professional Experience

Simpson Electrical Services, Inc., New York, USA
Transformer Repairer, 2002 - present

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Secured input and output wires in position
  • Dismantled the lamination assembly
  • Cleaned the transformer case using solvent and scrapers
  • Reassembled the transformer
  • Filled the reassembled transformer with oil
  • Inspected the transformer for defects
  • Drained and filtered transformer oil
  • Disassembled the distribution, instrument transformers or streetlight
  • Winded replacement coils
  • Signaled the crane operation when to raise the heavy equipment component
Assistant Transformer Repairer, 2000 - 2002
Simpson Electrical Services, Inc., New York, USA

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Assisted the transformer repairer with general duties such as removing dirt, grease, and oil and used a chemical solution before any assembly

Associate Degree, Electrical Repair, 1999
New York City Trade School, New York, USA

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