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Veterinary Technician Resume

A veterinarian technologist assists a veterinarian in providing care to animals. These technologists perform clinical procedures and routine laboratory procedures, like for example dispensing, taking blood, performing medical tests and giving medication, everything under the supervision of a veterinarian. Veterinarian technologists have to be familiar with various high-tech diagnostic equipments and are capable of providing specialized nursing care for ill or injured animals. They are also responsible for recording information on the behavior, food intake, weight, diet and other symptoms of the animals, as well as its history, which are necessary tools in diagnosing the illness of an animal and in developing a treatment plan. All this information must then be communicated to the owner of the animal.


Veterinarian technologists can work in animal hospitals, private practice, research facilities or zoos. Those who have gathered some experience may train or teach other veterinarian technologists and can even assist in medical-related fields, like for example gene therapy or other fields of veterinary research. In some cases, veterinarian technologists can be required to euthanize seriously injured, ill or unwanted animals.

If you are interested in a career as a veterinarian technologist, you will be required to complete a program from an accredited college in your community, which can take two or four years. This is a minimum educational requirement for most of the employers. During an education program, veterinarian technologists will gather laboratory and clinical experience.

If you want to become a veterinarian technologist, make sure to read the following resume sample.

Veterinary Technician Resume Sample

Personal Details
Name: Diane Hutchens
Birth Date: 30 July 1983
Nationality: American
Driver's License: Yes


Seeking to fill the challenging position of a veterinarian technologist where, by putting my skills and experience to optimal use, I can prove an asset to the company.

Education and Professional Training

Associate degree in veterinary technology from the St. Petersburg College, Clearwater, Florida in 2003


  • Vast experience in veterinary equipment operations, animal care and management in preparing equipment, animals and instruments for surgery
  • Notable ability with tube feeding and intravenous feedings processes for animals
  • Remarkable ability to conduct pathological examinations and tests, define animal behaviors and provide specialized animal nursing care
  • Exceptional people and client management skills

Professional Experience

2006-Present date: Veterinarian technologist for Clearwater Animal Hospital, Clearwater, Florida
Duties and responsibilities:

  • Assisting the veterinarian at the lab during surgeries
  • Conducting tests and helping in diagnosing injuries and illnesses of animals
  • Taking blood, laboratory tests, preparing tissue samples for testing
  • Advising pet owners on health and safety practices to make sure no disease is transmitted from an animal to a human
  • Giving medications topically and orally to animals with diseases, injuries and contaminations
  • Documenting stress and pain level tests of animals
  • Providing medical treatments to animals while being monitored by a licensed veterinarian
  • Training junior technicians in operations and equipment management

2003-2006: Veterinarian technologist for Paw Animal Clinic, Clearwater, Florida
Duties and responsibilities:

  • Checking animal facilities and holding fences
  • Controlling and sedating animals in order to gather strain samples or fluids
  • Preparing diets and cleaning animal enclosures
  • Conducting check and inventory in quality of veterinary drugs

Proud member of the Florida Veterinary Medical Association.

Areas of interest

  • Animal protection
  • Medicine

Available upon request.

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