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Watch Repairer Resume

A watch is a time instrument that everyone uses. We all need to know in every moment of the day what time it is. A watch repairer is a specialist working to repair, clean, and adjust clocks, watches or similar mechanisms. According to various statistics, there are approximately 3080 watch and clock repairers in the United States.


The obligations of a watch repairer include the assembly, adjustment and repair of clocks, hand watches, other parts of clocks, electronic watches with mechanical parts or crystal oscillators and analogue display, the tower watch, replacement of specific parts, such as windows, bracelets, rotated, lubrication mechanisms clocks, wall and hand clocks. In this job, it is all about paying great attention when working because small pieces can sometimes be hard to detect. In addition, you will need to possess some information and to update it once the technology change and newer and more sophisticated models of watches, clocks and other instruments appear on the market.

A watch repairer works in watch making workshops and in places where equipment is installed to measure the time (public spaces, terminals, offices, industrial buildings). Sometimes, it is necessary to work at inaccessible parts, which are exposed outside, being affected by weather changes. However, work is usually seated in a comfortable enough environment. The most commonly used tools and equipment include lenses, measuring instruments, tweezers, turns, various hand tools and precision mechanical assembly equipment.

If you have experience in this field or if you have followed a training course and you intend to apply for this job then you have to create a resume. Watches and clocks are complex machines which are made from many small pieces, and repairing them requires precision and delicacy. Keep this in mind and try to focus on presenting those skills like dexterity that are required in such a job.

Watch Repairer Resume Sample

Personal Details

Name: John Bosky
Birth date: 22.02.1982
Nationality: American
Driver's License: Yes


Watch repairer is an old job that was transmitted from generation to generation. In the last years, technology has developed and in our days, watch repairs work with various tools and equipments in order to clean, adjusts, repair, and regulate watches and every other instrument used for time measuring.


To develop a career in this domain as a watch repairer, to improve my past knowledge and skills and to enlarge my previous experience.


Experienced watch repairer with great imagination and dexterity, I am eager and available to start working as soon as possible and to prove my abilities.


  • Excellent manual dexterity
  • Imagination
  • Concentration ability
  • Hard working, trustful and punctual
  • Ability to assemble things
  • Precision
Work Experience

Watch Repairer, Watch and Clock Sales and Service, New City College, 2003 to present:

Duties and responsibilities

Repairing, servicing, restoring clock, watches and other time measuring instruments


College Diploma, New City College, 2002
Training courses, 2003


Succeeded in restoring old watches and clocks

Areas of interest

New technologies


Mathew Adams
Watch and Clock Sales and Service

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