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Animal Caretaker Resume

The title of this job says a lot about the things that need to be done. The main point is to take care of animals. The Animal Caretaker might have to handle mice, guinea pigs, canaries, minks, monkeys and dogs and also certain facilities such as kennels, hospitals, pounds and laboratories. The caretaker has to feed and water the animals according to the schedule. He or she also has to clean and disinfect the places where the animals stay and also to sterilize the laboratory equipment. In certain cases, the animals have to be examined for injuries or illness. Regarding the place where the animals are kept, the caretaker has to set the right temperature and also the right humidity level.


There are a lot of people to who this job might seem appealing and in case you are one of them, then you should start with a good resume. You might want to include your personal information and also the prior experience that you had in the field.

Animal Breeder Resume Sample

Personal Details
Name: George Maine
Birth Date: 17 October 1985
Nationality: American
Driver's License: Yes


People handling animals have to be patient and also responsible for what they are doing. It is also a very good idea for them to be passionate about their work and they should have the technical knowledge regarding the equipments that are being used.


Seeking the vacant job of Animal Caretaker at your company. It is an objective of mine to get an interview at the company during which I would be able to show you proof of the skills and expertise that I have when it comes to animals and taking care of them.


Highly trained and skilled Animal Caretaker with knowledge regarding the special traits of different animals and the illnesses and the injuries that the animals might have; I am properly prepared in order to resolve the minor problems that might occur and I also have knowledge regarding the conditions in which animals should be kept.

Skills and Competencies

  • Patient
  • Good communicator
  • olid knowledge regarding the behavior of animals
  • Knowledge regarding the conditions that the animals should be kept in
  • Responsible and reliable

Work Experience

Animal Caretaker, 2008 to present
Happy Animal Home Inc., Big City, USA

Job Duties:

  • Supervise and train the animals
  • Schedule and overview the activities
  • Assist in determining whether the animals fulfill the criteria for research projects
  • Order supplies

Animal Caretaker, 2006-2008
House of Animals Inc., Big City, USA

Job Duties:

  • Performing treatments
  • Maintaining breeding colonies, flocks or herds
  • Following the approved SOP for the process of the incoming animals
  • Milking, castrating, dehorning and other activities regarding the animals

Certified Animal Caretaker, American Association of Laboratory Animal Science


  • Organizing trainings for the new employees of the company
  • Winning awards at competitions with the animals

Areas of Interest

  • Business management
  • Animal behavior
  • Animal training
  • Animal nutrition and exercise


  • Samantha Wide
  • Manager
  • Happy Animal Home Inc., Big City, USA

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