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Animal Husbandry Worker Resume

Animal Husbandry workers regularly learn their abilities on the job under the supervision of more qualified farmers or by attending Schools of Agriculture to get an associate's degree or a bachelor's degree in a field related to Farm Management or to Veterinary Science. Hired in ranches and farms, Animal Husbandry workers are acquainted with the animals, which they take care of, and they possess basic marketing and business skills.


What is the main purpose of animal husbandry workers?

Animal husbandry workers include poultry, dairy and livestock farmers. These Farm workers are in charge of caring, marketing and breeding the animals from the farm. Everyday duties include aiding with animal births, watering and feeding, maintaining the equipment and cleaning up the pens and stalls. Animal husbandry workers are usually overseen by animal husbandry managers and supervisors, but this depends on the size of the facility they work in.

What is the required education for becoming an animal husbandry worker?

Generally, an animal husbandry worker needs the minimum of a high school diploma or its equivalent to get hired in a farm or an animal caring facility. If they wish to get promoted to a better position, such as animal husbandry manager or supervisor, they have to have an associate's degree or a bachelor's degree in a farm management or a veterinary field. Additional training and education in management and business will give the worker more chances of promotion.

Which skills are required for becoming an animal husbandry worker? In general, workers in farm environment have to possess knowledge regarding animals and the actual activities performed in these locations. As from among the majority of the farms almost 90% are family farms, the workers need to have even accounting and managerial abilities.

Which are the employment and career prospects for the animal husbandry worker position?

According to the BLS, or the US Bureau of Labor, the number of self-employed animal husbandry workers will decrease vaguely in the near future. Nevertheless, the great number of animal husbandry professionals who will leave this area of expertise, will have a many options for their future jobs. The most thriving animal husbandry workers will be absorbed into the small markets for organic products and other animal items for consumption.

In 2010, the middling national income for ranchers and farmers, as well as animal husbandry workers, was around $50,000, as claimed by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Ranchers and farmers having businesses in Idaho or California made significantly more money, with an average annual salary of $88,800 and $73,900, correspondingly.

Kenny Williamson
43 Green Street
Some Town, USA 98998
Home: (092) 437-9384
Mobile: (782) 342-2341

Passionate professional seeking a job opening for animal husbandry worker

Proficient and practiced worker concerned with animal care, sympathetic, structured, and trustworthy.


Assistant Animal Husbandry Worker,
2009 - present:

Sander's Animal Facility, Some City, US

Helped with the feeding and treating of the animals, cleaning housing, transferring animals and maintaining the amenities; moreover, reporting health issues to the veterinarian doctor on duty.

Animal Groomer,
2005 - 2009:

Wolf Pet Store and Services, Any Town, US

Tasks involved bathing, grooming cats and dogs and nail clipping.


High School Diploma
ABC High, 2000, Any Town, US


Member of the American Association of Animal Care Workers
Received the Compassion Award in 2007

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