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Automotive Cleaner Resume

The job of an automotive cleaner can be broadly classified as vehicle and equipment cleaners. They wash and clean automobiles, polish it, inspect the parts, disassemble and then reassemble the parts of vehicles or machinery. It is basically a skill based job as it involves mechanical knowledge, public safety and security and a lot of attention. An automotive cleaner resume should be drafted keeping these skills and qualifications in mind. Candidate's qualifications, skills and previous job experiences would rather form the highlight of a good automotive cleaner resume.


Like any other good resume, an automotive cleaner resume should stress on the candidates ability to perform the job, their knowledge in the field, and the roles and responsibilities undertaken during the previous job. Education is not of major importance in this profile. The applicant should define their style of working. The resume should preferably begin with a good objective statement and a summary.

Here is a sample automotive cleaner resume sample that can be used as a reference by future job applicants.

Sample Automotive Cleaner Resume

Personal Details

Name: Jake Reynolds
Birth Date: 19 February 1985
Nationality: American
Driver's License: Yes


Seeking the job of Automotive Cleaner in a growing firm where my knowledge and skills can be utilized as well as polished to provide excellent services to the customers. It is my objective to advance in my career and attain a good position in the future.


I am a Trained and experienced Automotive Cleaner, looking for immediate employment. I possess good customer skills and offer a high level of customer service backed with good communication skills and knowledge regarding the use of the tools and equipment.

Skills and Competencies

  • Solid knowledge regarding the equipment used
  • Customer service skills
  • Ability to develop good interpersonal relationship
  • Knowledge of administration and management skills
  • Excellent at time management
  • Attention to detail
Work Experience

Head of Car Detailing, 2009 to present
High Tide Automotive Detailers

Job Duties:

  • Cleaning the interior of the automotives
  • Operating the automated cleaning system
  • Overseeing the work of the subordinates
  • Maintaining record of the activities performed
  • Offering on the job training for the new co-workers
  • Ensuring that the supplies get to the cleaner on time

Car Detailer / Cleaner, 2005-2009
Community Detailers, Major Town USA

Job Duties:

  • Obeying the rules of the cleaner
  • Cleaning the interior and the exterior of the cars
  • Operating the automated cleaning system
  • Polishing the exterior of the cars if needed
  • Taking payment for the services offered
  • Scheduling the cars for cleaning
  • Keeping track of the activities performed


On the job, Community Dealers, Major Town, USA


Organize trainings for the new staff


Sarah Johnson
High Tide Automotive Detailers

An automotive cleaner resume should highlight the candidate's skills and previous job experiences. As mentioned earlier, education is not of major importance but if the candidate is qualified; it can be included and highlighted in the resume. This can give the applicant an edge over the others.

An automotive cleaner resume should include all the points of a good resume. It should begin with personal details of the candidate and end with appropriate references. Like any other professional document, the resume should be precise and effective. One should also give more attention to details of the job. In short the resume should reflect the candidate's persona. The above resume does not list the contact details of the applicant but it is a good practice to include the contact details and preferably place the details in the beginning of the resume for the employers to easily contact you in case you are shortlisted for the job.

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