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Community Organization Worker Resume

A community organization worker is often called a service assistant. The community workers often help people with no income get medical help and assistance, act as counselors for people that have serious addictions to drugs and alcohol, and offer emotional support to people of the society who are suffering from emotional trauma such as single mothers or pregnant teens.

A community worker can work in an office, but sometimes they also travel to the homes of those in need. They can also work in hospitals or other facilities, and their schedule is a flexible one. The meeting may need to be attended in the evenings or odd hours. The community service assistant can also work in shelters. This means that this job sometimes turns into a dangerous one, because the people who have various disorders or addictions can act in an erratic way.


A sample of community organization worker resume is given. This is only basic, and it most likely will not even reach the second page. Other than showing you how to write your own resume and how it will basically look like, it will also show you some of the minimum requirements this job asks for and the minimum duties to be performed. For more information, you can research more on your own in your local community help center, for most of them will have a little bit different needs. If you plan to use this specific template, replace the fictional data with your real data and customize it to your liking.

Community Organization Worker Sample Resume

Contact data

Name: Mary Griffits
Home address: 1690 Pooz Street, First Boulevard, New York City, New York, USA
Email address:
Driver's license: Yes
Phone number: 050-0045-586
Citizenship (or any mention on the work permit): American


I want to secure a position as a community worker/ assistant. My desire to help people in need led me to develop a career in this field. I believe I am the right person for this kind of job, and I will work hard to prove so.


  • Good communication and socialization skills
  • Good knowledge of laws
  • Calm and patient individual
  • Good psychology skills and knowledge
  • Mentally stable person
  • Available to travel long distances
  • Good management abilities
  • Attentive to details
  • Can work odd hours
  • Can start working immediately
  • High levels of physical stamina due to athletic background
  • Decent leadership qualities and ability to work in coordination with others

Work Experience

Youth and community worker
Local community organization center, New York, 20xx–20xx

Duties and responsibilities fulfilled

  • Worked with teens aged 12 to 19
  • Organized various activities: drama plays, local sport competitions
  • Raised awareness regarding politics, health issues, safety
  • Encouraged and helped teens come up with ideas, develop them and put them into practice
  • Worked with homeless or orphaned children and teens
  • Offered help in studies to those having trouble learning
  • Held motivational workshops and gave speech to eradicate depression amongst people by encouraging them to take part in various activities such as interactive games held in the workshop


High school diploma, New York High school, New York city, New York, 20XX–20XX
Bachelor's degree in Psychology, University of New York, 20XX–20XX

Co-Curricular Activities

  • I had participated in numerous events in college, which primarily included sports as well as other fields. Here is a list of a few of them:
  • Secured third position in 200m event, New York State Championship, 20xx
  • Captained the cheerleading squad to championship victory, New York State Championship, 20xx
  • Runner up with the dramatics team, NY City Regional's, 20xx


Heather H. Glasgow
Youth and community center
570 Columbia Mine Road
Charleston, WV 25301

Amy D. Colbert
Local community organization center
3397 Duck Creek Road
San Francisco, CA 94108

Other references are available upon request.

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