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Construction Helper Resume

Working in constructions is a challenging thing that implies a lot of responsibility and knowledge as the construction helper assists the engineers, the architects, the designers from the beginning of the project or the building until the final stage.


The people who work in this field can be placed in two categories: unqualified constructors and qualified constructors. This line of work is a difficult one as the person performing it has to be in a good shape at all times, because this job also brings along physical work, as opposed to other types of activities. Usually, a constructor specializes on a small area of this vast field, but there are however, construction helpers who can be considered generalists, or better stated who can perform a variety of construction activities. It goes without saying that a construction helper needs to be up to date with new construction technique, new standards and new practice so as to perform a high standard of work that will be highly appreciated. The difficulty of this job consists additionally of the fact that many people can get hurt, but in the end, if the workers are cautious, it is worth it.

Sample Construction Helper Resume

Personal Details

Name: John Jakeson
Birth Date: 19.09. 1977
Address and Contact Details: 4 Abbey Street, Cambridge, UK,
Nationality: British
Marital Status: Single


Being a part of a talented and effective team is the most important thing when it comes to working in construction. A construction helper needs the ability to multi-task, to work efficiently with other members of the construction team with the purpose of finalizing the project in the best way possible and in the shortest time.


To become a construction helper at your company and to use my knowledge, skills and experience in creating and finalizing all of the company's projects.


I am up to date with new procedures, new standards and new construction techniques, I am a hard working person and I want to prove all these skills and abilities in helping you with your construction projects.

Qualities and abilities

  • Experience in construction
  • Ability to work long hours, in any type of weather
  • Excellent physical condition
  • Able to work on my own, without direct supervision
  • Team work abilities and good communication skills
  • Positive personality
Work Experience

Construction Helper at Create and Build Ltd., Cambridge, UK, 2006-2010

Duties and responsibilities

  • Supervising a 15 people construction team
  • Setting up the construction budget
  • Taking part in the construction phases, from the beginning until the end of the project
Construction Helper at Constructs, Cambridge, UK, 2003-2006

Duties and responsibilities

  • On site construction tasks
  • Working closely with the architects
  • Involved in the construction process from its initial to its finishing stage

Cambridge State High-School
Construction Training Program


  • Worked at important construction companies from Cambridge
  • Was assigned important projects which were finalized on time
  • Obtained great results for the companies I worked
  • Proved great skills in working as a constructor
Areas of interest
  • Architecture
  • Building construction
  • Business management
  • New construction techniques

Robert Kent,
Chief engineer at Create and Build, Cambridge, UK

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