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Delicate Fabrics Presser Resume

The term "to pres" in association with fabrics; which implies to iron them, making then look fabulous. This term is usually used in dry cleaning industries or in a clothes factory. Depending on the type of fabric and indications received, clothes can be pressed dry or wet for the best look of the garment. One should note that all fabrics cannot be pressed. Some fabrics can be pressed while others cannot; therefore the candidate has to use their knowledge about fabrics for the best results to be achieved. The ideal employee will know when to use the pressing machine and when to press fabrics by hand. Some delicate fabrics need utmost care while pressing or else the employers might suffer a grave loss with the slightest mistake or carelessness. Candidates need to be quite experienced in this regard to handle all types of fabrics and to know the volume of heat required for each type of fabric. Delicate fabrics presser resume should be drafted keeping in mind the candidate's skills and expertise in the said field.


This job pays an average per year of US$ 20,000, a study for the year 2010. Your resume in this category should not be longer than one page to two pages. You need to concentrate on the experience you have with fabrics and pressing (ironing) them. After analyzing the following resume, you can realize the vital keys that are required to draft an effective resume. Using this template you can very well write your resume so that you get a personalized one, that will mirror you perfectly.

Sample Delicate Fabrics Presser Resume

Contact Data:

Name: Smith Jones
Address: 147 Cherry Lane, Orlando, Florida
Phone Number: (555) 541-1489
Email Address:

Career Goal:

I wish to attain perfection, working as a delicate fabrics presser. My skills and experience in this field is quite vast and I hope to create a name for myself working in this profile.

Skills and Qualities:

  • Very strong knowledge of delicate fabrics; its properties and qualities
  • Give major attention to details and work with complete concentration
  • Able to differentiate between various delicate fabrics even without a label on them
  • Can work in a team as well as independently
  • A quick learner
  • A fast and effective worker

I possess extensive knowledge of various fabrics; especially of the delicate ones. Apart from this I have knowledge on the various techniques of pressing delicate fabrics. I am looking to work in a fast paced environment where my knowledge and skills can be utilized to the maximum.

Working Experience:

Company: Satin n Silk Pvt. Ltd., Orlando, Florida.
Designation: Fabrics Presser
Tenure: 2008 to Present.

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Operated machine presses to finish parts that can be pressed flat
  • Finished pressing other parts of a fabric using the hand iron
  • Finished all the parts difficult to reach like the flounces, by having fitted the parts on puff irons
  • Pressed ties on small pressing machine
  • Inserted special, heated metal form, into ties and touched up the rough places using the hand iron
  • Finished the pleated garments by determining the size of pleat from the evidence left by old pleat or from the work order and by using machine press or hand iron for this task
  • Finished fancy garments using hand iron in order to get high quality finishes by using the press machine
  • Used steam machine for some of the garments like the ones that needed repairs or garments that were needed on an urgent basis
  • Finished velvet garments by steaming them on the buck of hot- head press or steam table


High School diploma, name of the high school, city, state, year
On-the-Job Training at Satin n Silk Pvt. Ltd.


References would be provided upon request.
The above delicate fabrics pressers resume can be used as a reference by candidate applying for this job. Skills and experience in this category is very essential to grab the best opportunities.

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