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Design Printing Machine Setter Resume

A design printing machine setter resume has to be written with utmost professionalism in order to draw the attention of your potential employer to get an interview and eventually, the job post for which you are applying. The main purpose of a design printing machine setter is to measure and record the amount of products that have been produced. Other responsibilities include:


  • Repairing or replacing the worn or broken parts with the help of hand tools
  • The equipment needs to be cleaned and lubricated by the Design Printing Machine Setter and the setter has to inspect the product in order to check for defects
  • A good Design Printing Machine Setter has sound knowledge about the use of the printing machines and about their parts
  • Attention to details is important because it ensures a job properly performed
  • Prepare log reports to keep in touch with the number of products and their production

Mention in your resume, everything related to the position you are currently interested in. Any prior experience in the field will bring you closer to the job interview and to the job itself, so do not leave anything out. The employers are interested in hardworking people capable of performing their job in an accurate manner. Kindly have a look at the given design printing machine setter resume sample to have a better idea of preparing the resume. Draft one resume in your own style and make sure it is formal, to the point, and efficient enough to fulfill your purpose.

Design Printing Machine Setter Resume Sample

Personal Details

Name: James Scott
Address: 1222 Dancing Dove Lane, Brooklyn, NY 11206, USA
Phone Number: 347 534 1241
Birth Date: 25 May 1980
Nationality: American
Driver's License: Yes


To obtain the position of a Design Printing Machine Setter in your company. It is also my objective to improve the performances of the company. I intend to resolve any malfunction of the printing machine faster, in order to maintain the constant flow of work.


Highly talented and skilled Design Printing Machine Setter looking for immediate employment, with solid knowledge regarding the technology of printing and also the ability to perform several tasks of repairing and printing at the same time.

Skills and Competencies

  • Good communication skills
  • Regular habit of completing given tasks on time
  • Sufficient knowledge of Microsoft Office to prepare log reports and text files
  • Hard working individual
  • In-depth knowledge of design printing machine hardware
  • Experienced in working overtime
  • Immense dedication and discipline towards performing duties
  • Solid knowledge regarding the use and the repair of the printing machines
  • Great at following rules and regulations with a habit of being aware about company policies
  • Precision and accuracy
  • Ability to develop good working relationships

Work Experience

Design Printing Machine Setter, 2005 &ndash present
Daktronics, Inc., Albany, NY, USA
Job Duties fulfilled on the job

  • Organizing the printing jobs and inputting the data tickets into the inventory system
  • Recording the materials and ingredients that have been used in the printing projects
  • Recording and returning the remnants to the inventory storage area
  • Keeping the working area clean and organized
  • Storing tools and equipment in the storage area
  • Checking and testing the printing area

Design Printing Machine Setter, 2000 &ndash 2005
Lincoln Journal Star, Albany, NY, USA
Job Duties fulfilled on the job

  • Conducting the production activities regarding the setup of the equipment, labeling, filling and recording retention
  • Organizing the equipment and materials used in the processes
  • Maintaining the order of the equipment
  • Maintaining the manufacturing equipment in good sanitary condition


Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration
New York State University, Brooklyn, New York, USA, 20xx


  • Improving the performance of the company in the first year due to which I was awarded with the "Most Consistent Performer" award by Daktronics, Inc., Albany, NY, USA

Areas of Interest

  • Business management
  • Management studies


Bob Mayor
General Manager
Daktronics, Inc., Albany, NY, USA

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