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Dock Hand Resume

A dock hand has to operate the motorboat with the purpose of transporting the passengers or the cargo to and from the anchored amphibious airplanes. They have to operate the tractor to remove planes from water. A dock hand also needs to load the cargo or to direct the passengers aboard the motorboat. The boat needs to be piloted to the plane or to the dock, and then the dock hand has to unload the cargo or the passengers. In order to be able to perform these tasks, you need to know how to drive a motorboat and a tractor, so you should have some experience in this respect. Owing to the nature of this job (one need to work with airplanes and motorboats) the desired person should be careful and responsible and must have excellent communication skills The dock hand resume should focus on any experience you have that is related to the position because this can bring you a job interview.


Profile of a dock hand

The dock hand has to have social skills and customer service skills in order to be able to serve the passengers properly. Also, it is important to know how to operate the motorboat and how to handle the cargo in an appropriate manner.

Sample Dock Hand Resume

Personal Details

Name: George Smith
Birth Date: 13 September 1985
Nationality: American
Driver's License: Yes


To obtain the vacant job of Dock Hand at your company. It is my objective at the job to provide quality customer services thus making clients come back a second time.

Skills and Competences

  • Knowledge regarding the operation of the motorboat and the mechanism of the vehicle
  • Mechanical skills
  • Knowledge regarding cargo handling
  • Highly talented and motivated dock hand
  • Ready for immediate employment
  • Safety conscious
  • Dependable and loyal employee
  • Familiar with dock duties
  • Knowledge of public safety and security
  • Knowledge of principles and methods of transportation
  • Equipment maintenance skill
  • Quality control analysis skills
  • Customer service abilities
  • Ability to develop good working relationships
  • Personnel resources management skill

Work Experience

Dock Hand, 2009 –Present
Marshall Shipbuilding, Inc., Marshall, USA

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Dry-docking and cleaning the exterior part of the ships
  • Maintaining the piers and the dry-dock
  • Positioning the keel blocks at the dock platform
  • Building bilge blocks according to the instructions of the dock supervisor
  • Offering recommendations and suggestions to customers
  • Performed sorting of cargo before loading and unloading
  • Made sure that inventory is protected by performing scheduled inspection to equipment storage areas
  • Setup various protective measures like bracing and strapping to prevent damage or shifting of cargo during transportation
  • Moved liquid material in and out of storage tanks from ships by using hoses and other pumping machinery
  • Dismantled equipment and machinery for maintenance and replaced non functional parts and reassembled them using various hand tools

Dock Hand, 2005 –2009
Panama Ship-building Company, New York, USA

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Erecting stages and scaffolds in order to reach different sections of the hull with the purpose of cleaning, painting, scraping off barnacles and so on
  • Performing any kind of duty that was assigned to me
  • Assisting the supervisors with their duties
  • Taking part in staff meetings and contributing with constructive inputs
  • Made record of cargo moved or shipped using work sheets and tickets


High School Diploma
New York City High School, New York, USA
Mechanic Courses, Mechanical School, Orlando


Improving the performances of the department in the first year of work.

Areas of Interest

Ships and ship building processes.


Gregory Smith
General Manager
Marshall Shipbuilding, Inc., Marshall, USA

Steven prior
General Manager
Panama Ship building Company

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