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Dragline Operator Resume

A dragline operator has the duty to operate a power-driven crane suspended by a cable to excavate clay, mud or coal, or to move sand. A dragline operator performs duties such as driving the machine to the work site, moving hand levers to rotate the crane on the chassis and set the boom above the excavation place, to lower and raise the boom, to lower the bucket to the material, to place it over the unloading place, to drag it toward the crane to move the materials, and to tilt it to release the materials. A dragline operator may have the task to coordinate with other workers in placing blocks to prevent capsizing of machines when heavy lifting is done.


If you want to follow a career as a dragline operator, you must fulfill certain requirements, specific for this position. For starters, dragline operators must have knowledge of mechanical techniques including knowledge of machine and tools, with their uses, designs, maintenance and repair; knowledge of building and construction, including knowledge of materials, techniques, tools involved in construction and repair or buildings, houses or other structures such as road and highways. The skills needed refer to operation and control which include controlling equipments, operations and systems, and coordination skills which refer to adjusting actions in relations to other workers' actions.

As for abilities:

  • Dragline operators must have controlled precision in order to repeatedly and quickly adjust the controls of vehicles and machine to precise positions;
  • Far vision in order to notice details from distance;
  • Depth perception including ability to judge which objects are closer or farther, to judge distance between an object and you;
  • Multi-limb coordination including the ability to coordinate two or more limbs while standing, lying down or sitting.

You can choose the skills and abilities you possess and add them in your resume so as to make the employer understand that you are capable of performing this job.

Dragline Operator Resume Sample

Personal Details
Name: Dan Smith
Address: 31st Train Street, LA, USA
Phone: (555) 555 7654


Seeking a position as a Dragline Operator

Summary of Qualifications

  • Certified heavy equipment operator
  • Knowledge of mechanics and of the building and construction fields
  • Operation and control, and coordination skills
  • Control precision and far vision abilities
  • Depth precision and multi-limb coordination abilities
  • Reliable and dependable employee
  • Ready for immediate hire

Professional Experience

Carville Construction Company, New York, USA
Dragline Operator, 2002-Present

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Controlled machines using control mechanisms and direct physical activities
  • Operated vehicles, equipment and mechanized devices such as passenger vehicles, water craft or aircraft
  • Performed physical activities using arms, legs and the whole body, such as lifting, walking, and climbing
  • Handled and moved objects, and manipulated things
  • Gathered information by observing, receiving and obtaining information from all sources

Carville Construction Company, New York, USA
Assistant Dragline Operator, 2000-2002

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Assisted the dragline operator by directing workers and working as a team
  • Helped the dragline operator with various duties


Associate Degree's, Heavy Equipment Operations, 1998
New York Trade School, New York, USA

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