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Elevator Starter Resume

An elevator starter resume will help you in getting a good job for the post of elevator starter in any of the reputed organization. It is important to follow a particular pattern for drafting a resume that starts with describing the contact details, followed by the objective or the main aim for drafting the resume. After this comes the body of the resume, which includes professional summary (present and past experience along with the job responsibilities), educational qualifications, project details, achievements, and extra-curricular activities, area of interest/hobbies, and personal details. At the end, mention the reference (if any). The reference sometimes proves to be very important in getting a good job.


The main duties of the elevator starter are:
  • To provide services whenever needed
  • They are also responsible for scheduling and coordinating the activities of the elevator operators and keep a note that there are sufficient people or personnel that can render services to the client on time
  • They enforce weight and crowding restrictions on cars, and have to answer questions regarding the location of individuals, offices, or merchandise and assist passengers in waiting elevators
  • Elevator starters are also responsible for providing training or instructions to the new employees about elevator operations and ensure that there are enough personnel available to meet service requirements and coordinating shift assignments accordingly
  • They also perform duties such as inspecting equipment for an efficient and safe operation, and reporting the need for maintenance of elevator service. Work activities and skills of an elevator starter
  • The job of elevator starter requires excellent supervisory skills as it will improve the work relationship between workers, and also provides good communications skills in order to provide information and instruction accurately and efficiently
  • It is also important to have good leadership skills as it is an added advantage to your profile

Highlight the important aspect of your resume and authenticate the information mentioned in your resume, wrong information will only spoil the candidate's reputation and waste recruiter's

Now let us have a look at the example resume for elevator starter:

Sample Elevator Starter Resume

Personal Details

Name: Jackson Peterson
Address: ABC Street, New York, USA
Phone: (555) 468 0090

Career Objective

Seeking a position as an Elevator Starter at your company. I have over six years of experience as an Elevator Starter and I am sure that my professional experience would be very useful for the growth and development of this company.

Skills and Professional Qualifications

  • Excellent supervisory skills
  • Remarkable communication skills
  • Exceptional leadership skills
  • Excellent verbal and writing ability
  • Reliable and dependable employee
  • Ready for immediate hire
Work Experience

Designation: Elevator Starter
Duration: October, 2007–Till date
Company name: New York Elevator Service Company, New York, USA

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Supervise, schedule, and direct activities to provide efficient service to the building patrons and their employees
  • Provide elevator service by signaling the operator and establishing time scheduled for every car
  • Enforce weight and crowding restrictions on cars
  • Solving the queries regarding individuals, offices or merchandise, and also assist passengers into waiting elevators
  • Provide instructions to new employees about elevator operations as well as other details
  • Ensure that there are enough staff available to meet service requirements
  • Coordinate with the shift employees and then accordingly prepare the plans
  • Maintain a record for the timing of employee on cards
  • Report specific needs for maintenance to the elevator service company and supervisor
  • Perform additional duties when assigned or in times of emergency

Educational Qualifications

High School Diploma from New York High School, New York, USA

Areas of interest



Name: Mr. Mathew Thomas
Designation: Senior Manager
Organization: New York Elevator Service Company, New York, USA
Phone No: 9789 299 2589

Other Personal details

  • Date of birth: 1/7/1984
  • Nationality: American
  • Marital status: Married
  • Children: Two
  • Driving license: Yes, B category

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