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Gas Station Attendant Resume

Studying in college and having trouble paying up the fees, which cost something like one of your hands and an eye put together? Looking for a part time job at a gas station to make ends meet but do not exactly know how to go about it? After all, what requirements are needed for being a gas station attendant? What kind of content needs to be specified on a gas station attendant's resume? Are you being dogged by these very questions? Well then, you happened to find the right place, as here we not only discuss some job particulars of a gas station attendant but also provide you with a nice sample of a gas station attendant resume. So, just scroll below to have your queries answered.


Job Particulars and Requirements of a Gas Station Attendant

To be a gas station attendant is an entry-level position, unless you are a manager. In this case, you will be required to have some experience. You can get this experience also on the job, if you have worked at the same gas station for a certain period.

This job does not require high levels of education, or previous work experience. Many workers are, as previously mentioned, students who need more cash, or part timers trying to make ends meet. Some employees are also people who are just starting out in the working field and do not have experience. It is an advantage if you have a driver's license – many employers like that.

For non-experienced applicants

If you do not have previous experience, do not worry. All you need are some skills and abilities, a good resume and of course, your own desire to work. Some personal traits are necessary like the ability to maintain a clear head, especially when it comes to juggling patrons and money matters at the same time. There is just no place for absent-mindedness at a gas station. After all, one very careless move could lead to gas leaks and explosions!

See to it that you are tracking the correct amount of gas that is transferred from the pump to a car's gas tank. Charge the owner of the car accordingly. See to it that every patron pays up according to the amount of gas they are withdrawing. Be handy with immediate billing. Carefully collect the earnings for the day and store it safely as directed by your gas station owner. Adhering to these guidelines correctly should be enough to ensure you a job as a gas station attendant.

This article gives you an example of a gas station attendant resume. Replace the fictional data with your own, and make sure you show the fact you are available to work there, and motivated enough to do a good job. Lately, there has been more competition on the job market, so even for a job as a gas station assistant you should provide a well-written resume.

Gas Station Attendant Resume Sample


Your name here
Your home address here
Driver's license here
Phone number here
Email address here


I want to work as a gas attendant in your gas station. I do not have previous work experience. However, I am a hard working person, I always arrive on time, I am reliable and good with customers. I hope I will be considered for this job. I am searching for a full time position, and I hope it will be a long-term job.


  • Very good communication abilities
  • Good computer knowledge
  • Healthy and physically strong
  • I work fast and in an efficient manner
  • I am a quick learner
  • I work well individually, but as well as a part of a team
  • Good knowledge of cars/car engines and their functioning
  • Good knowledge of different types of gasoline/oil
  • I am available to work in long shifts/overtime and in night shifts if needed
  • I am customer oriented
  • I am an organized person

High school graduate, name of the city, state, 20xx–20xx

There you go. Now you are armed with not only knowledge on the job specifics of a gas station attendant but also know what to fill in a resume meant for a gas station attendant. You may now approach the gas station you are interested to work in. We wish you all the best!

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