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Hand Bookbinder Resume

Books are, probably, one of our most valuable treasures. They contain a thesaurus of information, ideas, projects, love stories, role models, and exotic landscapes. They are a gate towards a new world, different from the one that we are living in. When we open a book, we expect to find a universe in which we can escape. If you are romantic, then you would read a love story, and thus discover new ways of expressing our feelings for our dear ones; if you are someone who is passionate about new technical discoveries, you will be tempted to read Jules Verne's novels. There are books for everyone; for all age groups. It is up to us to discover how precious they are and what a valuable legacy they could represent for the generations to come. A hand bookbinder's work profile is also quite interesting just as books. They bind books or printed finish products by machine or hand. It is a skill-based job that requires one's complete attention. A hand bookbinder resume should be drafted keeping the job profile in mind.


The book that we find on the library's shelf goes through a complex process in order to reach its final shape. The hand bookbinder is one of the people who contribute substantially to this transformation. He/she is that person who is responsible for performing very highly skilled hand finishing operations, like grooving and lettering, to bind books. In order to complete this task, he will have to perform a series of smaller actions, like cutting binder boards and cover material to specified dimensions and trimming the edges of books. He may also have to repair very old or damaged books.

In order to do all these, he/she needs to be a very methodical person, with great attention to details and the ability to work hard, sometimes for hours on end. Then, he/she should be able to concentrate on a task for a long time, without feeling extremely tired.

If you are attracted to this career and you think that it would best suit you, you may draft an effective resume to begin with. Listed below, is a sample hand bookbinder resume, which will guide you through this operation.

Hand Bookbinder Resume Sample

Personal details:

Name: Helen Adams
Address: 62 Whole Street, Edinburgh, Scotland
Marital status: Married, three children
Birth date: 16.04.1982
Contact number: (1257) 489-748


Being a hand bookbinder is more than simply putting the pages of a book together; it is about putting among its pages all the passion and dedication that you have for the job and the ones you are capable of.


To become a hand bookbinder within your publishing house, and combine my theoretical knowledge with my work experience in order to make books come alive in my hands.


Methodical and organized, able to work with deadlines and overtime, if necessary. I am convinced that I can make the task of bookbinding a veritable form of art.

Skills and core competencies:

  • Patient and methodical
  • Great attention to details
  • Hard-working
  • Great manual dexterity

Technical skills:

  • Proficient with all the bookbinding materials and equipment

Work experience:

Bookbinder, The Green Publishing House, Edinburgh

Duties and responsibilities:

  • Bind the books by using automatic machinery


The Wear High School, Edinburgh, 1999-2003


Great results in obtaining beautiful-looking books
Great results in restoring damaged books.

Areas of interest:



Mr. John Smith,
The Green Publishing House, Edinburgh,
Chief of Staff.
Contact number: (1287) 549-879

A handbook binder resume should be drafted giving more emphasis to the candidate's interest in the job profile. It is important that the person take keen interest in all the intricacies of the job and that should reflect while mentioning their skills, previous job experience, and achievements attained.

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