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Ice Platform Attendant Resume

An ice platform attendant works in the selling area of activity, providing ice to customer from ice plants. The daily responsibilities include taking orders from customers and pulling and cutting ice from storage rooms using special equipment, in conformity with order specifications and in the desired quantities, sliding the blocks of ice across the platform and loading them in delivery trucks.


Ice platform attendants can provide ice either to wholesale customers or retail customers. Whatever the case, the most important ability that the resume of an ice platform attendant needs to emphasize is physical strengths and the ability to manage inventories, cash, bills and orders, the ability to handle records with the orders filled and to answer to clients' requests and complaints. Skills in handling specific equipment and tools such as conveyors, ice tongs, ice pick and so on are also necessary.

Sample Ice Platform Attendant Resume

Personal Details
Name: Ken Manson
Birth date: 01.12.1979
Address and Contact Details: 532 34th Avenue, Portland, OR 34256
Phone: 000.000.0000
Nationality: American
Marital Status: Married, no children
Driver's license: Yes


Skillful and determined worker, with previous experience in the ice platform attendant job and physical abilities needed in handling large blocks of ice and loading trucks and delivery cars, I am a good candidate for the position your company is offering. I can also handle daily records of sales and collaborate with clients for their satisfaction.


I have the objective of working in a position that can offer me more responsibilities and can help me develop professionally. The selling department can combine my abilities to deploy physical work with my desire to handle business operations and help the company become more profitable.

Properly qualified worker for the position of ice platform attendant.


  • Physical abilities, familiarity with cutting ice for wholesale and retail trades
  • Ability to read orders and collaborate with customers for efficient and satisfactory delivery
  • Familiarity in loading ice blocks in delivery trucks
  • Ability to keep records with sales, orders and bills
  • Ability to supervise the work of subordinate platform employees
  • Manual dexterity in handling equipment and tools
  • Professional attitude

Computer knowledge:
Basic computer skills

Work Experience:

Ice Platform Attendant, 2003-2009
Cubical Ice Company, Oregon

  • Cutting and transporting ice on platforms, with conveyors, ice tongs and ice picks
  • Loading blocks of ice in delivery trucks
  • Getting signature on written orders from customers
  • Cutting ice blocks in portions for retail
  • Receiving payment
  • Keeping records with sales
  • Preparing the periodical inventory

Ice Platform Worker, 2000-2003
Cubical Ice Company, Oregon


  • Preparing ice for filling orders
  • Loading ice in delivery cars
  • Using ice tools and equipment

Education and Training:

High School Diploma in Technical Sciences,
North Oregon Public School


Working as an ice platform attendant has given me the option to utilize my abilities and skills and train other workers in performing a professional job

Areas of interest:

  • Sports,
  • Traveling,
  • Movies


Mr. Tim Southern,
Manager of Cubical Ice Company,

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