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Kennel Operator Resume

A kennel operator is responsible for the care of impounded animals, including handling and classifying animals.


The essential responsibilities of a kennel operator include cleaning and maintaining kennel area in order to provide a low stress and odor free environment for the animals, providing daily care and feeding animals, controlling and handling animals impounded by Animal Control units including dangerous animals. Other responsibilities include reporting to the veterinarian and Animal Control Director of potential behavioral issues or potential health problems related to animals, maintaining record of animals, basic cleaning of offices, mopping floors or cleaning restrooms and assisting with euthanasia of animals.

In order to be a successful kennel operator, one must have the ability to perform each of the duty required satisfactorily. If you want to follow a career as a kennel operator, first you should review the requirements, and afterward write your resume, so you add the necessary data that will improve your resume positively. For starters, a kennel operator must have at least a high school diploma and experience in working with animals is an advantage for the applicants. An operator must have thorough knowledge of animal behavior, animal handling skills, and animal care. As for skills, a kennel operator should have language skills including the ability to read and understand basic instruction and the ability to write correspondence, and should possess mathematical and reasoning skills. Other requirements include a valid driver's license, humane euthanasia license, and a good physical condition since this job involves activities that require continuous movements.

When you are writing a resume for the position of a kennel operator, you should consider adding the qualities and skills you possess in order to convince the potential employer that you are the ideal candidate for the job.

Kennel Operator Resume Sample

Personal Details
Name: Mary-Ann Jules
Address: 134 Main Street, New York, USA
Phone: (555) 555 2334


Seeking a position as a Kennel Operator
Summary of Qualifications

  • Over six years of experience working as a Kennel Operator
  • Experience in sanitizing and cleaning all animal cages to prevent the spread of illness
  • Knowledge on how to maintain the health of all impounded animals
  • Strong ability to practice all safety regulations and rules
  • Excellent ability to work after hours, including weekends and holidays
  • Solid ability to write and read and understand general instructions
  • Exceptional computer skills
  • Solid knowledge of equipment and working areas
  • Excellent ability in being courteous with animals, an animal lover
  • Thorough ability to perform duties individually without supervision

Professional Experience

Star County, New York, USA
Kennel Operator, 2003-Present

Duties and responsibilities:

  • Cleaned and sanitized kennels and cages of animals
  • Prepared food and fed impounded animals following instructions according to their specie, weight and age
  • Inspected animal temperaments and behavior for adoptability
  • Offered vaccinations and medication to animals in need
  • Assisted in the euthanasia process by identifying, removing and placing animals in proper chambers
  • Scanned and tagged animals brought in the shelter from the public
  • Restocked supplies and picked supplies from vendors
  • Transported animals to the veterinarian in appointments
  • Maintained the shelter clean by dumping trash when needed and sanitized the area accordingly
  • Performed other duties when needed


High School Diploma, 2002
New York High School, New York, USA

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