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Landscapers Helper Resume

Landscaping is one of the most popular activities in the modern world, as more and more people want to live in esthetical green environments and make their homes as attractive as possible. Therefore landscaping jobs is in demand. While applying for the job of a landscaper, make sure that you have the good knowledge of the domain, starting with the landscaping architect and ending with the landscaping worker and groundskeeper. Therefore, going for a career in this relevant field, you need to prepare a landscaper helper resume highlight your credentials.


Landscaper helpers are usually entry-level workers that help with every single task in the landscaping process. They are also responsible for maintaining and preparing the grounds, planting seeds and using herbicides and pesticides, cutting or planting trees, mowing, fertilizing and trimming. The resume of a landscaper helper requires determination and motivation to work in the field. Elementary knowledge in working with hand tools and minimum familiarity with landscaping aspects are important.

Below is the sample resume for the position of landscaper helper, as it will clear your doubts and would help in creating your resume for this position.

Sample Landscapers Helper Resume

Contact Details

Name: James Black
Address: 12 N. W. 65th Place, Fort Lauderdale, FL 22445, United States
Phone: 698-789-2525
Email address:

Career Objective

Seeking for the position of the landscaper helper resume in any of the reputed organization. I have an experience of 6 years in this field. I have the desire to build a long-term career in this field, thereby enhancing my expertise in this domain. According to my experience and skill set, I would be suitable for this position and would serve the company to the best possible way.

Skills and Core Competencies

  • Motivated and hardworking
  • Target oriented and able to perform the work within the given deadline
  • Ability to work for longer period of time and complete the work
  • Familiar with landscaping activities such as planting, fertilizing, mowing, etc
  • Good knowledge of the hand tools and other equipments as well as familiar with the usage of hand tools during landscaping activities
  • Good team worker and able to adjust in any environment
  • Obedient and energetic
  • Positive attitude and a good problem solver
  • Highly dedicated towards work
  • Good knowledge of computer, especially elementary computer knowledge
  • Excellent organizational skills
  • Develop healthy relationship with the workers and co-workers
  • Able to handle any situation even at the time of emergency

Work Experience

Designation: Landscaper Helper
Organizational Name: HVAC Green Agency, FL, United States
Duration: October 2007– Till Date

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Take care of plants in the greenhouse
  • Lay sod for private home lawns using tools and equipments
  • Plant seed, and other plant
  • Keep on watering and fertilizing the seeds
  • Cut grass and also trim trees and bushes
  • Spray pesticides to protect the plants from damage
  • Assist the landscape workers with necessary tools and equipments
  • Provide training to the new workers with the use of different tools and technology
  • Supply the landscape workers with sod, chemicals, seeds and plants
  • Provide the best possible way to solve the issues, if arise
  • Suggest new methods to increase the productivity
  • Keep an eye on the overall activities of the workers and report the problems or any issues to the higher level
  • Maintain a report of the daily work and submit it to the higher authority

Education Qualification

  • Bachelor's Degree in Technical Sciences from New York University, New York in the year 2007
  • High School Diploma Degree from North Florida Public School in the year 2004


As a landscaper helper, I was awarded with the best performer of the year from HVAC Green Agency, FL, United States for my ability to assist landscaping workers efficiently.

Areas of interest:

  • Nature
  • Sports
  • Travelling
  • Planting


Name: Anthony De'costa
Designation: Senior Manager
Organization: ABC Plant Corporation, New York, USA
Phone No: 965-856-5858
E-mail id:

Name: Ryan Briz
Designation: Senior Landscaper
Organization: ZS Greenery Agency, Georgina, USA
Phone No: 963-852-1478
E-mail id:

Other personal details

  • Birth Date: 15 May 1984
  • Nationality: American
  • Marital status: Married
  • Children: Two
  • Driver's License: Yes, B category

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