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Machine fur Cleaner Resume

Clothes are an important requirement of the modern man. It not only helps us to keep warm and protect us from the changing weather but also enhances our personality and individuality. You wear a peculiar kind of clothing when you are upset whereas you usually choose bright-colored clothes when you want to show happiness. Therefore, clothes have by far changed from the tagline of being a necessity and have gracefully turned into a representation of ourselves and of our state of mind. Clothes are made of different fabrics to meet the demands of the changing harsh weather. One should also take proper care of clothes in order to increase its life and texture. Likewise clothes made of fur need special care and maintenance. They cannot be washed at home and requires professional assistance. A fur cleaner washes fur clothes with a help of a machine or by using various techniques of cleaning. While drafting a machine fur cleaner resume one should make sure that you mention all your skills to draft an effective resume.


A machine fur cleaner is in charge of a number of tasks that include, supervising the cleaning drum, managing the device's rotation and eliminating the detergents from the clothes' structure. Identifying the type of fur and examining it to avoid damage is of grave importance. The fur clothes should be appropriately dried, ironed and packed and then delivered to the respective clients.

In order to perform all these tasks, a machine fur cleaner should possess multi-tasking skills, very good mechanical skills, give attention to details and the patience to work for many hours in harsh conditions (they have to stand and work with chemical substances).

If you think that this job matches your likes and personality, then you should consider taking up this job. Drafting an effective resume in this category would help you get the most desired job in this category. Here is a sample machine fur cleaner resume that can be used as a reference.

Machine fur Cleaner Resume Sample

Personal details

Name: Johnatan Adams
Address: 29 Ada Street, New York
Marital status: Married, two children
Birth date: 18.07.1977


Being a fur cleaner involves a great deal of responsibility, as it does not just involve cleaning a piece of cloth. It refers to understanding how precious fur is and using the right chemicals and tools to enrich its shine and texture to attain maximum client satisfaction. When using a machine for fur cleaning, your responsibility doubles as you should be thoroughly aware of the technical know how and its functions. You cannot afford to make any kind of mistakes for it questions your professionalism and integrity.


To become a machine fur ironer within your company, and thus to make use of my knowledge and my previous experience in order to ensure clients that their fur clothes are getting the best treatment.


Patient and extremely attentive to details, with very good technical knowledge; I am eager to show you that I am the person you are really looking for.

Skills and core competencies

  • Patient, responsible
  • Very good communication skills

Technical skills

  • Proficient with the fur materials
  • Proficient with the fur cleaning machines and its mechanism

Work experience

Fur cleaner, The Star Dry Cleaning, New York, 2000-2008

Duties and responsibilities

  • Clean fur clothes with the aid of machines
  • Eliminate all the chemical substances from the clothes' structure
  • Hang the clothes to dry
  • Pack and deliver the clothes to the client's home address


The Ortega High School, New York, 1996-2000


Great results in working with fur clothes
Great results in handling very delicate furs

Areas of interest

Chemical cleaning


Mr. Jack Brown,
General Manager, The Star Dry Cleaning, New York
Contact number: (0124) 125 3547

A machine fur cleaner should be professionally trained under an experienced person in this field in order to handle the demands of the job. The candidate's skills and technical knowledge plays an important part for grabbing the best job in the business. Likewise it should be effectively reflect in a machine fur cleaner resume.

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