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Machine Maintenance Worker Resume

A machine maintenance worker is responsible for reassembling the machines after the repair maintenance work is over. Their duty also involves starting and observing mechanical operation of machines to determine its efficiency and resolve the issues, if any. They are also responsible for inspecting and testing damaged machine parts and marking damaged areas. They also advise and assist supervisors about the repair work such as applying adhesives and lubricate machines, machine parts and other equipment; installing, and replacing machine parts following production specifications; record production, machine maintenance information and repair information; read work orders and specification to determine equipment and machines requiring maintenance or repair; set up and operate machines, adjust and regulate operators. Machine maintenance workers perform additional duties as assigned to them.


Machine maintenance workers must have a sound knowledge of various tools and equipments including their uses, designs, maintenance and repair. They must have excellent mathematical skills, especially algebra and calculations. They must possess good knowledge of design methods, principles involved in production of technical plans, drawings, blueprints and models, and knowledge of practical application of technology and engineering science, including applying techniques, procedures and principles to the design and production of different services and goods. They should also have a sound knowledge of the tools and materials involved in the construction of houses or other structures. As for skills, machine maintenance workers must have the skill to repair systems and machines using required tools, the skill of performing routine maintenance and determining what type of maintenance is needed.

If you are applying for this job, you need to create a resume including your prior experience along with the job description and skill set. Do remember to mention the contact details so that the recruiter can contact you for future reference.

Machine Maintenance Resume Sample

Contact Details

Name: Daryll Garfield
Address: 134 Seaside Street, New York, USA, 99999
Cell: (555) 356 8589
Home: (555) 479 9389

Career Objective

Seeking a position as a machine maintenance worker. I have an experience of 5 years in this field.

Skills and Competences

  • Excellent mathematics skills
  • Good physical condition and stamina
  • Hardworking and dedicated
  • Deep knowledge about the machinery and equipments
  • Positive thinking ability and excellent solver
  • Target oriented and dedicated towards work
  • Excellent analytical skills
  • Good knowledge of design methods

Professional Experience

Designation: Machine Maintenance Worker
Organization name: Simpson's Machine Maintenance Company, New York, USA
Duration: October 2006– Till date

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Start and observe mechanical operations to detect problems
  • Inspect damaged machine parts and repair it effectively
  • Reassemble the machine after the repair or maintenance work
  • Assemble the dismantle and removed parts using chain falls, hand tools, and cranes
  • Set up and operated machines, and adjust control to regulate operators
  • Collaborate with other workers to move or repair machines and equipment
  • Read work orders and specifications to determine equipment and machines required for the repair work
  • Apply adhesives and lubricated to machine parts

Educational Qualifications

On-job-training from Simpson's Machine Maintenance Company, 2005
High School Diploma from Teen High, New York, 2004

Areas of interest

Technology and latest equipments


Name: Mr. Michal Thomas
Designation: Manager
Organization name: ABC Machine Maintenance Company, New York, USA
Phone No: 966 - 858 - 1234
E-mail id:

Name: Mr. Garry Dawn
Designation: Director
Organization name: ZS Machine Associates Inc, USA
Phone No: 123-456-9887
E-mail id:

Other Personal Details

Date of Birth: 19.07.1983
Nationality: American
Marital status: Married
Children: Two
Driving license: Yes, B category

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