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Machine Setter Resume

The set up process of a machine requires a good understanding of the production process, and machine setters have more training and higher skills than those workers who simply tend or operate machinery. After the machinery becomes automated, the setup process is expected to require lesser skills. Machine setters are usually identified by the type of machine they work with, such as boring-machine, or drilling machine tool setters.


The job duties are various and depend on the size of the manufacturing plant, and even though some workers specialize in one type of machinery, many setters are trained to set up different machines. And as the machines are increasing automation, setters are able to work with multiple machines at the same time.

Machine setters are trained on the job where they learn the skills needed to perform this job successfully. Trainees begin by observing and assisting more advanced workers, and sometimes they take formal training programs. Such training programs usually include on-the-job training combined with classroom instruction, and it takes about a year or more to advance to the highly skilled job of a machine setter.

Employers usually prefer their candidates to have at least a high school diploma. As for other job requirements for setters, they should have reading and writing ability, excellent communication skills, manual dexterity, mechanical aptitude, and experience in working with machines is helpful as well. Also, a machine setter is expected to know basic math and basic computer skills as well, especially as machinery becomes automated.

Machine Setter Resume Sample

Personal Details

Name: Derek Hayes
Address: 134 Blue Sky Street, New York, USA, 99999
Home: (555) 123 4567
Cell: (555) 098 7654


Seeking a position as a Machine Setter

Summary of Qualifications

  • Knowledge of tools and machines, including their uses, designs, repair, benefit and maintenance
  • Excellent knowledge of design techniques, tools and instruments used in production and use of blueprints, models and drawings
  • Solid knowledge of mechanical devices, tools, equipment and their uses to produce light, motion, power and technology
  • Exceptional ability to evaluate and inspect the quality of products
  • Excellent ability to control operations of systems or equipment
  • Solid ability to repair system or machines using the appropriate tools
  • Remarkable ability to watch dials, gauges and other indicators and ensure the machine is working properly
  • Solid ability to perform routine maintenance and determine what kind of maintenance is needed
  • Strong ability to understand written sentences and instructions
  • In-depth ability to recognize problems and their nature
  • Excellent ability to determine the type of tools needed to perform a job
Professional Experience

Simpson Textile Mill, New York, USA
Machine Setter, 2002 - Present

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Installed and aligned components, such as chains, gears, dies, guides, needles and cutters to set up machinery
  • Adjusted heating mechanisms, speed of machine and tension, following specifications
  • Started the machinery and made adjustments when needed, and stopped the machinery to verify the amount of product that has been produced
  • Thread fabric through needles, guides, and rollers of machines
  • Operated machines to verify adjustments and get a sample of the product
  • Inspected products to ensure that they meet specifications
  • Inspected machines to see if any repair is needed
  • Clean and lubricated machines using cleaning solutions
  • High School Diploma, 2000, New York High School, New York, USA
  • On the job training at Simpson Textile Mill

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