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Marina Porter Resume

If your think working on ships as a porter interests you, you might as well think of making a career as a marina porter. A marina porter has to perform various duties as per instructed or assigned. They usually have to secure the boats to docks (boats are being secured with mooring lines) and check if all the documents are official and if the permits are legal. They also give information to tourists, connect utility lines, check if there are contraband transports in the tourist's baggage to and from the dockside, communicate with senior officers in need, reports to superiors of any disturbance, and solve problems which may arise as and when.


The marina porter is a trained worker who is prepared to deal with problems and look for immediate solutions that may appear at the dockside. They have to be prompt and effective. Marine porters should have good communication skills because of the fact that they have to interact with tourist and provide them with the necessary information during emergency.

The job can be quite demanding at times; give the situation. The job also requires candidates to work in shifts. After every shift, the marina porter has to write a report containing information of the performed activities and the problems that they had.

To help you write a good resume we offer a template where you can see what should be pointed out and what information is important. When drafting your own resume, make sure that you present all the information that represents you, and that they are related to the job requirements.

Sample Marina Porter Resume

Contact Details

Name: Name: Adrian Gils
Address: 1705 Adams Avenue, Washington, MD 20004
Contact number: (301) 685-2517


The main job of a marina porter is to guide tourists on a ship. As a tourist who reaches a dockside and needs some information or someone to carry your baggage, you will have to find the marina porter because he is the person who ensures safety, solves all your problems and help tourists.


To become a great marina porter and to use my previous experience in the field to offer quality services. I wish to improve my skills and qualities and become competent in dealing with tourists and in solving problems.


Hard working and a conscious employee, available to work for long hours and in shifts; I am capable of handling different types of people and provide great services


  • Hard working, trustful and punctual
  • Good communication skills (written and spoken)
  • Posses excellent Interpersonal skills
  • Ability to work systematically
  • Good technical knowledge
  • Fluent in French (spoken and written)

Work Experience

Marina porter, Portland Marina, Portland, 2004-2009

Duties and responsibilities

  • Securing boats to docks
  • Transporting baggage to and from the dockside
  • Reporting disturbances to the superiors
  • Solving problems concerning customer dissatisfaction, illegal documents and permits, contraband items
  • Giving information to tourists
  • Making reports of daily activity


High School Diploma, Portland University, Portland, 2003


Had received appreciations on several occasions for the kind of work done

Areas of interest

Guard and safety
Travelling via sea


Martin Folks
Portland Marina, Portland
Contact number: (301) 685-2578

Personal Details

Name: Adrian Gils
Birth date: 14.05.1983
Nationality: American
Driver's License: Yes
Marital status: Single

Candidate's education is not of major importance in this job profile. While drafting a marina porter resume, one should note that, they highlight their skills and competencies. Through the introduction, objective and summary of the resume the candidate should convince the employer of your knowledge you possess of the job profile and how much the job means to you.

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