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Material Moving Operator Resume

This is a job intended mostly for men, for it requires strong workers, ability to lift, carry and handle, on a regular basis, heavy items. Previous experience and work achievements might not be required, but it is always best to get as much information on the position as possible before applying for it. You might be requested to have a license for operating special moving machines and equipment. The material moving operator resume can be written using the example below, but the fictional information must be replaced with the real details of the candidate. Another important aspect would be to make sure not to write a resume longer than two pages for this position. For best chances to land the interview, make sure to highlight any job where you had to handle or otherwise carry items around, even as a delivery person.


Sample Material Moving Operator Resume

Contact Data

Name: James Duncan
Address: 148 E Main St, Jonesborough, TN 37659
Driver's license: yes
Phone number: (423) 753 6400
Citizenship: US Citizen


Seeking to secure the position of Material Moving Operator in your company.


  • Physically strong and fit person
  • Good vision and good general health
  • Can lift, carry and handle heavy items
  • Very good team member
  • Knowledge of operation of heavy equipments
  • Good communication skills
  • Strong ability to multi task
  • Very aware of the safety measures
  • Knowledge of public security
  • Reliable, honest and trustworthy
  • Knowledge of the principles of construction and material moving
  • Knowledge of local laws and legal codes
  • Able to work on a delivery schedule
  • Confident and polite in dealing with the public
  • Aware of health issues
  • Knowledge of CPR
  • Ability to provide first aid
Work Experience

Material Moving Operator,
Baltimore Construction Company,
Baltimore, MD, 2002–2010

Duties and responsibilities

  • Operated loaded trucks and tractors in order to move the materials around the construction area, wherever they were needed
  • Operated forklifts for the same purpose
  • Pulled or pushed trailers loaded with construction materials to different areas where other type of equipment had difficulty in getting access
  • Loaded and unloaded the trucks, tractors, forklifts and trailers with (of) the materials at their destination points
  • Collected the material requests from the other workers
  • Wrote reports containing details of the amounts of materials delivered in one working day
  • Driving truck to transport workers and site equipments
  • Inspection and repair if required of bridges, tunnels, buildings and other structures
  • Using heavy vehicle to remove debris, snow, slat, sand from paved surface
  • Diverting traffic from work areas using sign boards and cones
  • Installing guardrails and caution signs using mechanical tools
  • Warning pedestrians and motorists about diversions or repair work
  • Making adhesive for marker installation
  • Supervise markers installation

Mail delivery agent,
Fed ex, Baltimore, MD, 2000– 2002

Duties and responsibilities

  • Collected the mail to be delivered from clients' homes, according to their orders
  • Read the checklist for the daily deliveries
  • Sorting mails according to locality
  • Loaded the mail in the van, making sure every package is still intact
  • Unloaded the packages at the destination addresses and collect signatures for the delivered mail
  • Wrote daily reports containing incidents, or delivery problems
  • Made sure the van is always clean and safe to drive
  • Maintenance of mail delivery van


High school diploma, Baltimore's First High School, Baltimore, MD Truck, tractor and forklift operator licenses, National Authority for Special Licenses Heavy vehicle usage safety license


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