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Mine Surveyor Resume

Mining is one of the most important jobs and, at the same time, one of the hardest. Mining is all about finding, digging, sorting and excavating the valuable minerals and resources from the earth. The fact that these minerals are so important and in demand for today's society means that the industry of mining is worthy. As a mine surveyor, you must compile data that is used in the development of the mine. A mine surveyor is usually responsible for carrying out certain studies in order that a project can be approved. You must have knowledge regarding mining and must be able to recognize different minerals. Moreover, you will have to deal with different landowners and authorities in order to get permission for the construction of the mine. You will have to take samples of rocks and drill in the surface of the earth so that you can confirm the location of the minerals underneath. In order to have a correct resume that represents you in front of the employer, you must respect the following guidelines. Here is an example of a mine surveyor resume.


Mining Surveyor Sample Resume

Personal Details

Name: Jack Collins
Birth date: 21.02.1969
Nationality: American
Marital Status: Single
Driver's License: Yes
Address: 3rd Avenue
Denver, Colorado


To become an expert in this domain and to prove that I have the necessary skills for this kind of job. This job can help me develop in my career in the field of mining.

Qualities and Skills

  • Excellent knowledge of math and science
  • Knowledge regarding sanitation and health procedures
  • Exceptional communication skills with the other team members
  • Ability to write down accurate reports
  • Administration and management skill
  • Knowledge of mining laws and regulation and government legal codes
  • Dedicated and honest person
  • In-depth knowledge of geography
  • Knowledge of satellite-based global positioning system devices
  • Knowledge of building and construction and the tools and method used
  • Meticulous with all the calculations and measurements
  • Ability to endure physical demands and medically fit
  • Leadership abilities
  • Knowledge of engineering science and technology
  • Knowledge of design tools and techniques and technologies
  • Work Experience

Caballo Coal Company, Wyoming, 2006–2008

Duties and responsibilities

  • Worked in a demanding environment
  • Making new holes in earth for extracting minerals
  • Supervised and conducted various surveys to make new legal boundaries for mines and excavation areas based on legal deeds and titles
  • Calculating altitudes to photograph terrain using aerial photography and setting up photographic equipment to be used at that altitude
  • Verifying the accuracy of survey data conducted at survey sites by matching it with previous survey data
  • Dealt with different problems that occurred
  • Communicated in an efficient manner with the other members
  • Developed the ability to use maps, charts and understand technical diagrams
  • Presented and explained ideas in front of a public and in written form
  • Calculating longitude and latitude to determine mine location
  • Maintenance of survey instruments to maintain their accuracy
  • Gathering data for the construction of water evacuation channels like breakwaters and piers
  • Using survey instruments to mark fixed points to use them in making map
  • Calculating longitude and latitudes and marking boundaries using transits and global positioning systems
  • Performing aerial survey of high altitude geographical areas


  • Bachelor's degree, University of Colorado
  • First aid certificate Medical Clinique Colorado
  • 3 years experience in mining operations

Dealt and resolved all problems, which occurred, in the best way possible
Measured and observed in a correct way the areas that were to be mined
Worked closely with the team members and guided them in the right direction to extract minerals from the mine

Areas of interest



Cole Fish
Mine Safety Manager

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