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Office Helper Resume

Those who want to become office helpers should keep on reading, as this article is meant for them. They will find the necessary information about what it means to be an office helper and what skills are required. In the last instance, they will find a sample resume which they can use when applying for this job.


The office helper is basically an office assistant in charge with clerical, administrative and secretarial duties, also known as office clerk. The responsibility of an office helper is primarily that of assisting the employer and relieving his working day. This includes answering phones, establishing meetings, taking and delivering messages, sorting and announcing incoming mails and correspondence, making sure that the schedule is followed, organizing paperwork and records, writing documents, delivering items to different departments or business associates and making sure that the office isn't lacking of clerical supplies. Although minor responsibilities, these are all very important in facilitating office work and improving office performance in a company.

A dynamic, organized and focused office helper is a very valuable asset that guarantees a fluent course of activities. Therefore, the resume of an office helper needs to emphasize these abilities of working and communicating efficiently and organizing office supplies and paperwork. The educational background is irrelevant, but experience in the field is an advantage.

Office Helper Sample Resume

Personal Details

Name: Gina Fox
Birth date: 07.07.1978
Address and Contact Details: 51 West 52nd Street New York,
NY 10019-6142,
(203) 6534-545325
Nationality: American
Marital Status: Married, no children
Driver's license: No


I have been working as an office helper in various businesses, commercial or industrial, and I have gained extensive experience in managing basic and more complex office tasks, starting with answering enquires and ending with assisting the manager in profile responsibilities. I consider myself to be highly qualified to occupy the position of office helper in your company. My services will be a great asset for you.


I wish to be a part of your business team and help professionals meet their targets and objectives by relieving their daily work. My desire is to work in a competitive and dynamic environment, where I could really make a difference.


Office helper with considerable experience, applying for a similar position in your company.


Clerical, administrative and secretarial skills
Organized, attentive, dynamic, focused
Good written and verbal skills
Interpersonal skills
Professional attitude

Computer Knowledge

  • Windows Professional
  • Linux
  • Mac
  • Microsoft Office
  • Internet browsing
Work Experience

Office Helper, 1999-2004, Daniel&Smith Company, Louisiana


  • In charge of managing basic office tasks, answering phones, organizing paperwork
  • Helping my employer in preparing meetings and conferences
  • Responding to the clients' requests
  • Taking care of correspondence, deliveries, appointments, supplies and so on
Office Helper, 2005-present, Starhand Company, New York


  • Performed clerical duties with minor assistance in the field work of my superior
  • Become familiarized with basic publishing procedures and operations and collaborated with different publishing departments, such as the production department, the copy selection and mailing department.
  • Established positive relations with clients and intermediated discussions for my superior
Education and Training

Bachelor's Degree in Social Assistance, New York University


As an office helper, I have contributed to the well-functioning of different businesses and I have offered irreplaceable help to my superiors.

Areas of Interest

  • Business
  • Computers
  • Administration

Mr. Daniel Kooger,
Manager of Starhand Company,
New York

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