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Office Machine Repairer Resume

If you want to become an office machine repairer you should go on reading. Further on, you will find out what this position really means and what it is expected of you. You are provided with an example of how a resume should be written; so follow the guidelines and get the job interview.


Office machine repairers are in charge with repairing, providing maintenance assistance and installing different manual or electronic machines that are used in various office works, such as fax machines, printers or photocopiers. Depending on the size of the machine and the gravity of the problem, office machine repairers work in their repair shop or perform field service in the contracted office. The pallet of machines can vary from very rudimentary ones to those more complicated and modern, that have different functioning principles. This is why office machine repairers have to know how to manually troubleshoot a machine or electronically identify malfunctions, using specialized apparatuses such as oscilloscopes, multimeters or signal generators.

They have to be really good technicians, with computer knowledge in order to handle any possible situation. Office machine repairers also provide preventive maintenance, especially to manually operated machines and to machines that are not computerized. They also give training and advice in the usage of these machines. The resume of an office machine repairer needs to include the professional training and certificates in the electronic and technological field. Previous experience in repairing and maintaining office machines is, obviously, an advantage.

Office Machine Repairer Sample Resume

Personal Details

Name: Jim Fox
Birth date: 07.07.1978
Address and Contact Details: 51 West 52nd Street New York,
NY 10019-6142,
(203) 6534-545325
Nationality: American
Marital Status: Married, no children
Driver's license: No


I am a certified technician with technical training at the International Society of Certified Electronics Technicians, with relevant experience in the field of office machines repairs and maintenance. I have performed numerous repairing tasks for photocopiers, fax machines, cash registers, for problems such as paper jams, lamp, lenses and mirrors degradation, print head replacement and so on.


I wish to occupy the position of office machine repairer in order to offer my services and qualifications to your company and provide the best repairing performance, so that the daily course of your operations would not be seriously affected.


Certified electronic technician with experience in office machine repairs and maintenance, looking for a similar position.


  • Technical skills
  • Office machine knowledge
  • Troubleshooting skills
  • Interpersonal and communicational skills
Computer Knowledge
  • Intermediate computer knowledge
  • Ability in working with computerized machines and computer diagnosis applications
Work Experience

Office machine repairer, 2003-2009,Funkhouser Technicians Company, New York


  • In charge of installing, maintaining, repairing and replacing office machines
  • Conducting troubleshooting operations
  • Assisting clients via phone and e-mail
  • Training and advising clients in the usage of office machines
  • Recommending new acquisitions compatible with the business's needs
  • Helping the company obtain new client contracts and providing satisfactory services
Education and Training

The International Society of Certified Electronics Technicians training program, New York
Bachelor's Degree in Mathematics, New York University


As a electronics technicians I have used my experience in offering best quality services to office machine owners and contributed to the efficient functioning of office operations through my work.

Areas of Interest

  • Electronics
  • Mathematics
  • Computers
  • Business

Mrs. Tina Burden,
Manager of the Technical Department,
Funkhouser Technicians Company, New York

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