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Painter Resume

In essence, "fine arts" is an art produced for personal satisfaction and not because it would be something functional or useful. However, artists must live through their work and it can be useful for you to know that only a few can live only from practicing this profession, and many workers are involved in teaching or other fields. Artists are usually freelancers. They work in their workshops, but often outside and they use a wide range of tools for drawing such as: pencils, pens, brushes and oil colors in pastel, paper, cloth and wood. Painters usually work in their personal shops. They make sketches and conduct other studies to develop their ideas before they start the project itself, they possibly study focusing on a particular topic or group of objects or materials. Painters make drawings, paintings and other works, according to their concepts and ideas about art, about its significance and possibilities. In some cases, the painters may be invited to collaborate on large projects (orders) and their work can be found as part of a complex architectural project or reflected in a larger project within a broader figurative context. Include all your skills in the resume, mention some of your achievements so as to emphasize the talent that you have and present your experience in painting. It is important that your resume reflects the fact that you are able to perform any painting related tasks.


Personal Details

Name: John Smutch
Birth date: 27.08.1985
Nationality: AmericanMarried: Yes
Driver's License: Yes


A painter is an artist who manages to show another side of everything that surrounds us through his work. Having a natural born talent, the painter makes paintings using all his knowledge and tools. It is a marvelous job that requires lots of imagination and devotion.


To get a position as a painter and to use my talent to create great paintings; to communicate with customers and to use my paint applications knowledge in order to ensure that the paintings are done efficiently and deadlines are respected.


Highly talented and professional with great experience and knowledge in interior and exterior structure painting and refinishing. I am looking forward to proving my talent and skills and to make great paintings according to your customers' desires


Technical skills
Great ability to operate assigned equipment
Color consultant
Performed other duties as assigned
Exceptional skill in selecting and applying paint
Matching paint colors and textures
Work Experience
Painter, Art Enterprise, San Francisco, 2001-2002

Duties and Responsibilities

Leading house painter
Respecting deadlines
High School Diploma, San Francisco University, 2001
Art diploma, San Francisco Painting Institute, 2003


Painted masterpieces
Operated equipment
Applied paints, sealers, and solvents to exterior and interior building surfaces
Areas of interest
Raul Fluoric
Art Enterprise, San Francisco

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