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Paperhangers Helper Resume

The paperhanger's helper is the worker that helps the paperhanger out with various tasks. He performs the assigned duties that do not require vast knowledge or handiness in the field. They usually act as apprentices in the process of becoming full time paperhangers.

The main task a paperhanger's helper has to carry out is cleaning the required equipment and areas where the lead paperhanger worked. In addition, they can be assigned by their supervisors to cover certain areas with protective foil so they will not be stained during the actual labor activities. Is also their job to take off these protection materials.


The best candidate has to have some particular skills. Because they are helpers, they have to possess excellent communication skills in order to understand written and spoken instructions regarding their work. In this business, people have to be orientated to details and be aware of time and cost management. After finishing their assignments, helpers have to be capable of assessing their project and determine if they made it appropriately for the situation.

As for educational requirements, helpers are usually future paperhangers doing their practical or apprenticeship work. It's good to know that formal education does exist and it's offered by trade schools and colleges.

Paperhangers Helper Resume Sample

Contact Details

Ayla Jenkins
33, Green Drive
Random City, US 87677
Home: (222) 432-3455
Mobile: (646) 123-4334


  • Dedicated worker seeking a position as a Paperhanger's Helper so as to learn all the responsibilities that a paperhanger has and to learn this job. I want to advance to the position of paperhanger after gaining the proper skills and experience
List of Skills
  • Reliable, precise and dependable employee
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Capable of following written or spoken directions
Professional History

Paperhanger's Helper, 2007-2009
ABC Paperhangers, Randomcity City, US

  • Assisted the head paperhanger, focusing in private offices and homes, where clients require personalized paperhanging work as decor for their spaces
  • Positioned items into stripping tanks and discharged in particular amounts of chemical compounds.
  • Took items out from stripping tanks after prearranged time periods.
  • Evened surfaces to be worked with, with the help of buffing, sanding tools and various other equipment.
  • Provided or kept close materials and tools.
  • Ordered supplies according to lists made by the head paperhanger
Paperhanger's Helper,
JKL Paperhangers, Big City, US
  • Assisted the head paperhanger with loading the car or the truck with the needed rolls of paper, glues, ladders, gear and tools and helping with paper cuts, layout, and clean up
  • Put on shielding coverings on items or walls that could be scratched in the working activities.
  • In charge of the cleaning of the equipment and the work areas.
  • Fill breaks and cracks in walls and surfaces with epoxy or putty compounds.
Education and Training
  • Associate's Degree in Paperhanging, 2005
Some City Trade School, Some City, US

Involvements and Accolades

  • Member of the American Association of Paperhangers since 2007
  • Received the Community Fellowship Award in 2005

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