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Pet Groomer Resume

Animal lovers can find rewarding the position of pet groomer. Professionals in this occupation are concerned with the pets' appearance: cleaning ears, cutting nails and styling hair adding up to other job tasks. Pet groomers might own their personal establishment or perform their duties in an existing one and they ought to work unbalanced hours.


The majority of pet groomers take care of dogs, rather than cats. These workers carry out their duties in a range of locations from animal shelters, clinics and kennels to pet-supply shops. A growing number of pet groomers receive home calls. They make use of electric clippers, combs and grooming shears to style the fur or hair. Additional job tasks refer to bathing, cutting nails, blow-drying and styling the hair and caring for ears. Extra responsibilities consist of keeping up grooming tools, cleaning the equipment to avoid disease and creating a safer setting for the animals.

Pet groomers ought to have a high school diploma or GED. No official training is needed to become a pet groomer; the majority learns this profession by engaging in informal apprenticeships that can last from 6 to 10 weeks. This apprenticeship programs are normally done under the supervision of a qualified groomer. Formal education is offered by state-licensed grooming schools, which, on average, take from 2 to 18 weeks. Certification programs are supplied by the National Dog Groomers Association of America.

Pet Groomer Resume Sample

Personal Details

Name: Ginger Ally
Address: 22, Violet Street
Violetville, US, 88333
Home: (999) 545-8282,
Mobile: (434) 111-9388


Talented professional seeking a position as Pet Groomer


  • Very educated, inspired and meticulous Pet Groomer with over 6 years of experience in offering proficient grooming services for pet animals at specialized facilities or at home
Summary of Qualifications
  • Solid capability to communicate efficiently with the clientele
  • Thorough ability to review the state and grooming necessities of various breeds or species of pet animals
  • Extraordinary acquaintance and skill in applying an assortment of grooming processes, methods and techniques
  • Outstanding ability to recognize risks associated with OHS
  • Solid understanding of animals' needs, and the capability to utilize and keep up grooming tools appropriately
  • In-depth awareness of clerical procedures and policies, including hygiene and OHS standards
  • Vast knowledge of pertinent legislation and business regulations of practice
  • Excellent working familiarity with pet animal physiology and biology
  • Notable knowledge of standard and anomalous animal behavior
  • Wonderful knowledge of symptoms and signs correlated with infections and diseases; processes of the development of disease, and spreading of diseases among animals
  • Rare problem-solving abilities to apply accessible resources and to prioritize everyday tasks.
Working Experience

Violet Animal Care Shop, Violetville, US
Pet Groomer

  • Respond to the questions of the clients
  • Set up appointments and trace owner data
  • Record every animal's details and every piece of information about medical issues
  • Talk about grooming necessities and preferred styles with the owners of the animals
  • Select appropriate treatments and shampoos for various coat types and skin
  • Bathing, cutting, combing, styling and blow-drying pets' fur and hair
  • Trimming nails
  • Cleaning ears
  • Suppressing anal glands if needed
  • Maintaining grooming tools

High School Diploma, Violet High, Violetville 2001
On the job training, Violet Animal Care Shop, Violetville

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