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Photographic Process Worker Resume

Professional and amateur photographers rely greatly on photographic process workers and operators to develop film rolls, make slides or prints and do connected duties, such as retouching or enlarging photographs. Photographic processing machine operators operate various machines, such as mounting presses and motion picture film printing, photographic printing, and film developing machines. Photographic process workers carry out more subtle duties, for instance retouching images, prints and photographic negatives to highlight or correct certain features.


Photographic process workers, occasionally named digital imaging technicians, utilize computer images of usual negatives and dedicated computer applications to fluctuate the images' contrast, eliminate redundant background or mix features from other photographs. Even though computers and digital technology are taking the place of physical work, a number of photographic process workers, particularly those who are working in portrait studios, still execute many dedicated duties by hand straight on the negative or photo. Airbrush artists refurbish faded and damaged photographs and might shade or color drawings to generate photographic resemblances with the help of an airbrush. Photographic retouchers adjust photo negatives, images or prints, to emphasize the subject. Colorists use oil colors on portraits to create normal, authentic appearances. Photographic spotters get rid of imperfections on photo images and prints.

Photographic Process Worker Resume Sample

Contact Details

Jonathan Chanters
88, Yellow Street
Careerville, US, 88332
Home: (888) 123-9876,
Mobile: (664) 123-5678


  • Looking forward to find a testing and stimulating position as a Photographic Process Worker within a company where outstanding photographic process work is looked-for.
  • An exceptionally talented Photographic Process Worker with vast experience in operating photographic processing machines that are coating semiconductor wafers with particular solutions, for instance developing substances and photoresist.
Summary of Skills
  • Over 9 years of experience
  • Thorough knowledge of the properties, structure, and composition of chemicals and of processes and changes that they experience, counting the utilization of chemicals and their danger signs, production techniques, interactions and disposal methods.
  • Profound knowledge of techniques and theory compulsory in producing visual works of art.
  • Excellent capabilities in matching or detecting variation between colors, shades and various brightness levels.
  • Outstanding ability to properly follow a prearranged set of rules with the purpose of arranging things, for example photos in a particular order.
  • Amazing skills in analyzing objects meticulously
  • Great capacity to use wrists, hands and fingers quick and repetitively
  • Unique abilities in seeing under poor light circumstances
Professional Experience

PhotoLabs, Careerville, US
2008 - Present

Photographic Process Worker, Semiconductor Wafers

  • Operate photographic processing equipment that coats semiconductor wafers with chemicals, for example developing substances and photoresist.
  • Position wafers in cases, for example boats, chuck, cassettes or magazines, using tweezers or vacuum wands.
  • Maintain and clean machines
  • Keep up the fabrication records
  • Submerge wafers in developing substances baths
  • Position layered wafers in ovens to dry and set wafers
Photo Processing, Careerville, US
2005 - 2008

Photographic-Machine Operator

  • Operate equipment that scans original papers
  • Prepared records to be shot into supply rolls that hold material
  • Tailored camera corrections regarding distance, exposure and focus settings to house the dimension of record and guarantee good resolution and clarity.
  • Operated equipment which loads in cartridges the roll film or mounts the microfiche on aperture cards.
  • Associate Degree in Photography
Careerville Art School, Careerville, 2005

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