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Pipe Fitter Resume

Resume writing is often regarded as a talent. Some people have even taken up resume writing as a profession. People take the help of the professionals to make their resumes interesting and attractive. Resume writing can be made easy and effortless if we follow a few simple tips. A pipe fitter resume can also be drafted easily if you follow a few points. First of all you have to be sure of the position for which you are applying. So our first step would be to get familiar with the responsibilities of a pipe fitter.


As a pipe fitter, one will have to install and adjust gas or water installations, to repair and maintain these installations, to check the pressure and gas leakage by means of specific tests, to install, repair and maintain systems and service equipment from homes and other buildings factories and chemical laboratories, etc.

The work usually takes place inside or outside of buildings and building sites, in homes, factories, workshops and laboratories, where conditions are unpleasant, such as dirt, grease, objects to which it is hard to get. The pipe fitter is the specialist who will install and repair pipe systems in your home or in any other building. He will have a proper training and will work with special tools for installing the pipes and making the system safe.

The equipments are common tools and other welding equipment installation (bolts, pipe cutting tools and saws), sledge hammers, tools for measuring pressure. You also need manual dexterity for this job. Knowing all this information it should not be hard to realize if you can deal with these requirements and if this is the job you want to go for. A good resume focusing on the practical skills that you posses and on your knowledge and experience will help you obtain interviews. The following sample resume will guide you to draft an excellent resume.

Sample Pipe Fitter Resume

Personal Details

Name: Clark Brigham
Address: 15, Kingston Alley, Eastern Street
New York
Phone: 811-022-3301
Date: December 16, 2011

Career Objective

Reliable employee with experience in installing and repairing pipes. I am seeking a position as a pipe fitter. I wish to obtain a position as a pipe fitter and to work hard to do a good job and to make sure that the pipe systems installed do not have any problem and do not put anyone in danger; to satisfy all the clients by being prompt and solving all the problems in a quick manner.


  • Physical strength
  • Responsible and hard working
  • Manual dexterity
  • Accuracy
  • Good communication skills
  • Good interpersonal skills
  • Ability to read and interpret sketches
  • Good engineering skills
  • Technical imagination
Work Experience

  • Designation: Pipe fitter
  • Name of the organization: San Jose Pipe Fitter
  • Duration of the tenure: 2001–2004

Duties and responsibilities

  • Installing and repairing piping systems
  • Making holes through walls so as to be able to install pipes
  • Making reports about each activity
  • Verified the pipes to make sure that everything is connected properly

  • Designation: Pipe Fitter
  • Name of the organization: Martin Pop Wielding and Fittings
  • Duration of the tenure: 2004–present

Duties and responsibilities:

  • Repairing and wielding of pipes and pipelines
  • Attending customer/client service request
  • Installing new pipes in place of old ones


  • Name of the program: College degree
  • Name of the institute: San Jose College, San Jose
  • Year of passing: 2000


  • Obtained the Certificate of Completion, Pipe Fitting, 2000
  • Won 'Best Employer of the Year' award

Areas of interest:

  • Pipe systems
  • Mathematics
  • Driving
  • Shopping

References: Albert Dawn
San Jose Pipe Fitters, San Jose
E-mail address:

Other personal details:

  • Date of birth: February 12, 1983
  • Nationality: American
  • Marital status: Single
  • Driving license: B category

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