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Plasterer Resume

A plastering career can be developed in big commercial facilities or small domestic homes, along restoration and repairs. There are two basic sorts of plastering plus a new one that is rapidly growing: firstly, there is solid plastering, which refers to the finishing of the walls that is done with protective materials such as pebble dashing; the second style is the fibrous plastering referring to the ornamental finishing of the walls, including moulds and casts of ornamental cornices, architraves and columns; the third sort of plastering is the dry lining one meaning that plaster boards are fixed on a metal or wood structure to define the rooms and create the walls.


Becoming a plasterer doesn't require any formal education, but the majority of employers ask for experience on construction sites. If one hasn't worked on site before, he or she should consider working first as a plasterer assistant or mate to gain some experience. If the above are not entirely possible, it's useful to know that apprenticeships are available for 16-24 years old and for 25 and above, too. To take on this sort of education, firstly, the apprentice ought to have a number of GCSE grades according to the training program requirements or a vocational qualification.

Plasterer Resume Sample

Personal Details

Jeffrey Cornnage,
22, 22nd Street,
Jobville, US, 23456
Home: (111) 222-3456
Mobile: (765) 432-1111


Dedicated worker seeking a challenging position as Plasterer.


An extremely gifted Plasterer with vast experience in taking part in and supervising the construction, upholding, and repairing of brick, stone, plaster and cement for, bridges, buildings roads and various other structures.

List of Skills

  • Over 5 years of experience
  • Outstanding ability to comprehend and use architect drawings, blueprints and written and verbal instructions
  • Vast knowledge of the purposes, uses, properties, and preparation of plastering resources
  • Extensive knowledge of the normal materials, practices and processes used in the plastering business
  • Solid skills in planning and supervising the activity of other workers
  • Exceptional knowledge and abilities in plastering techniques and methods, mortar blends and concrete using practices, and brick and block repair and construction methods
  • Deep capability to communicate efficiently and understand written or oral directions and instructions
  • Thorough ability to concomitantly maneuver manifold controls on machinery or equipment; to perform the job in risky or nauseating settings, limited spaces, and unfavorable temperature and weather conditions
Working Experience

Jobville Main Engineering Co.
Jobville, US


  • Build, fix or tear down concrete, walls, bases, floors, sidewalks, roadways and chimneys by utilizing air hammers, electric rotary hammers, masonry saws, and other power or hand tools of the job
  • Put in, mend, and reinstate ceilings, floor tiles, tiles and outside roofing
  • Get the surface ready with power and hand buffers and sanders prior to apply adhesive on surface
  • Arrange cement blocks and bricks for exterior and interior walls
  • Fix drywalls and finish and patch the holes in it
  • Approximating supplies and time
  • Execute masonry reproduction and restoration work on significant buildings
  • Carry out a choice of types of carpentry work
  • Help out with the training of starting Mason-Plasterers
Jobville Main Engineering Co.,
Jobville, US

Plasterer Apprentice

  • Prepare ladders, if required, for the execution of above ground tasks
  • Remove old plaster work
  • Clean and waterproof surfaces
  • Apply layers of plaster to ceilings, inside walls and segments of buildings
  • High School Diploma, Jobville High (2001)

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