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Proof Machine Operator Resume

Candidates who wish to pursue their career as a proof machine operator have to create a resume for the related position, highlighting the essential parts of the resume in an effective manner. This page offers you a sample proof machine operator resume and provides the details of the key responsibilities that are associated with this job. So, let us first see some of the roles and responsibilities of proof machine operator.

What does a proof machine operator do?

Proof operators utilize 10-key proof machines to program data like account registration numbers and quantities on coupons, paper tickets and cheques brought in the institution through ATMs, tellers. Proof operators make out and resolve mathematical errors that could or not have been seen by tellers. They have to place cheques in the machine to encode the amounts in magnetic links. They have to use the keyboard to enter the amount that is given on the cheques. They also have to maintain transaction records and make necessary correction, in case of any errors. Sometimes they may also be required to clean the equipment and replace the ribbon or tape.


Accuracy and exactness is extremely important in the job of the proof operators because a single mistake can make a loan payment fail, or a deposit account to be overdrawn. In addition, rapidity is vital to the activity of proof operators, and an operator is habitually assessed on how many cheques, tickets or coupons they can process throughout the course of an entire shift or in just an hour.

The minimum qualification or education needed for proof operators is a high school diploma or its equivalent degree, but many employers prefer hiring applicants with 10-key machine familiarity. Community and junior colleges provides courses in 10-key machine functioning.

The resume for the position of proof machine operator should highlight all the qualities and experience that you possess. Mention that you are an expert in 10-key proof machines and emphasize on your ability to notice errors. For this, attention to details is required. The sample proof machine operator resume should give you an idea of how to present yourself in the best way in front of the potential employer.

Proof Machine Operator Resume Sample

Contact Details

Name: Karina J. Madison
Address: 88, Happy Street, Ransomville, US 987654
Home: (123) 444-1234
Mobile: (765) 345-8665

Career Objective

Talented and dedicated professional seeking a job opportunity for the position of proof machine operator in your organization. I have over 5 years of experience as a proof machine operator.

Skills and Qualities

  • Efficient and responsible person
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Well versed with the 10-key proof machine
  • Well-informed about the economic industry
  • Excellent mathematical and analytical skills
  • Excellent report making skills
  • Hard-working and target oriented person

Working Experience

Designation: Proof Machine Operator
Name of the organization: ABC & BCD Financial Services, Big Town, United States
Duration of the tenure: October 2006 – Till Date

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Operate the machines in order to encode, cancel, add, and sort cheques, coupons, money orders and many other for collection and supply with transactions and records
  • Compare machinery totals to paperwork received with the group of cheques and rechecking every item if the total is same or not
  • Moreover, entering commands to relocate data from the machinery to computer terminals
  • Help out the operator by cleaning machinery and other activities
  • Use of copy machine and listing items
  • Sort items for collection and proofing manually

Educational Qualifications

  • Name of the program: High School Diploma
  • Name of the institution: Big Town High School, Big Town City, US
  • Year of passing: 2004

Areas of interest Engineering and technology


Name: Marvel Samuels
Designation: Manager
Company's Name ABS Association, New Jersey, United States
Phone No: 987-654-3214
E-mail id:

Other personal details

  • Date of birth: 23 December, 1986
  • Nationality: American
  • Marital status: Single
  • Children: None
  • Driving license: B category, 2007

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