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Proof Machine Operator Supervisor Resume

The present article provides several significant details about the job description for a position as a Proof Machine Operator Supervisor. The article also offers some information regarding the most important sections that need to be highlighted on a resume. Those interested in applying for such a position can use this information to create an attractive resume. You will also find enclosed a sample resume for the position of a Proof Machine Operator Supervisor.


Proof Machine Operator Supervisors are responsible for providing administrative support and also overseeing the entire activity of proof machine operators. They are also responsible for properly coordinating the work of these operators in order to ensure a safe and secure function and development of these equipments and machines. A good Proof Machine Operator Supervisor should be an excellent leader, should have developed organizational skills and extensive technical knowledge as well as technical competencies.

An attractive resume for a position as a Proof Machine Operator Supervisor is a resume that expresses the candidate's career development, goals and aspirations. Two of the most important aspects that need to be emphasized are previous working experience in this area or on a related one and strong technical skills and competencies. Personal qualities such as ethics, management skills, attention to details and rational thinking are also very important aspects that should be highlighted. Mention all the basic skills and competencies as well as the ones you've developed during your previous employment.

Proof Machine Operator Supervisor Resume Sample

Contact information

Name: Edwin Gilbert
Address: Woodrow Street, New York
Birth date: 31.09.1975
Marital Status: Married
Children: One
Driver's License: B category, 1995


I am looking for a position as a Proof Machine Operator Supervisor where I can use my technical competencies and management skills in order to ensure a proper and secured function of the machines.


Highly organized, responsible and experienced Proof Machine Operator Supervisor, with excellent technical knowledge and skills, with leadership abilities.

Skills and qualifications

  • Excellent oral and written communication skills;
  • Excellent organizational skills;
  • Efficient in time management;
  • Computer skills;
  • Extensive technical skills;
  • Open minded and able to learn fast;
  • Able to work with deadlines and under pressure;
Work experience

Proof Machine Operator Supervisor,
Delphi Inc, 2004-present

Duties and responsibilities

  • Performing several administrative duties;
  • Directing and overseeing the activity of proof operators in charge of operating machines;
  • Handling copies of checkups and proof records;
  • Ensuring compliance with national safety standards;
  • Ensuring that the machines and equipments are in order;
  • Making sure that my team meets all the deadlines;
  • Managing all the documentation and providing periodical reports to the management;
  • Participating in testing and evaluating the efficiency of the machines.
Proof Machine Operator,
Us National Bank, 1998-2003

Duties and responsibilities

  • Operating and maintaining ATMs;
  • Testing and analyzing the efficiency of the machines;
  • Performing periodical checkups;
  • Replacing damaged equipment;
  • Providing technical support;
  • Ensuring compliance with national and federal safety regulations;
  • Preparing reports regarding transactions.
Education and training

Master's Degree in Computer Science, St. John's University
Bachelor's Degree in Engineering, St. John's University

Achievements and affiliations

Member of the American Men and Women in Business

Areas of interest

Financial Industry


References are available upon request

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