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Prop Attendant Resume

This is an occupation for which the candidate doesn't need to have much work experience and doesn't need a university degree. It mostly includes activities that basically anyone can do with a minimum training from a supervisor. The basic skills needed are attention to details, patience and maybe good eye sight. It is best to carefully read the job description for more information or to call the employer for more details.

This job field includes all the unskilled workers who mostly have to make use of their hands to complete the tasks given, and who are usually called helpers.


A helper is usually seen as the head of the house, whether it is in his title or not. A quick glance of the tasks that a helper or a prop attendant has to do: cooking, cleaning and maintenance of house, groceries shopping, as a chauffeur, etc. A helper should be Jack of all trade; who should be able to perform all manual duties with a do-everything vision.

However, even for this job, it would still be advisable to submit a resume, even if it's a one page long one. Your resume should reflect your personality and project you as the ideal candidate to the employer. Therefore, while writing the resume, focus on those skills closest to what you are about to do on the job, as well as on any activity you might have performed where the same skills were needed. You might also find appropriate to change the titles to some of the sections.

Sample Prop Attendant Resume

Contact Data

Name: Harrison Alfreds Home address: 111 South St, Nashville, TN 37000 Email address: Driver's license: yes Phone number: (615) 200-2222 Citizenship: U.S. Citizen Marital status: married, one child


Seeking to secure the position of a prop attendant in your company.


  • Good communication skills
  • Good at dealing with more tasks
  • A very organized individual
  • Good basic math operations abilities
  • Good computer skills
  • Very careful when dealing with details
  • Very healthy and having a good eye sight, both near and far
  • Can and willing to handle heavy items
  • Willing to work in shifts and occasionally overtime

Experience and Qualifications

Prop Attendant,
Nashville's Shipping Company,
Nashville, TN, 20xx–20xx

Duties and responsibilities:

  • Moved freights, stocks and other materials to where they were needed or to their designated places
  • Used trucks, tractors and other type of equipment while moving the products from one place to another
  • Attached tags to containers to identify them
  • Marked the containers as instructed for an easier identification
  • Received instructions for the tasks both orally as well as written, and accomplished the assignments as instructed
  • Kept records of the handled units, as well as maintaining a classification of them
  • Used daily production sheets or (and) work tickets in order to better keep records, as well as for a standard record keeping
  • Maintained the work safety regulations
  • Completed any other task given


  • High school diploma, Great High School of Nashville, Nashville, TN, 20xx
  • On the job training, Nashville's Shipping Company, Nashville, TN


They will be presented only upon request.

Prop Attendant Resume Sample

Name:Alfred Pennyworth
Address: Goth Lane, 564th Street
New Jersey, New York
Cell: +87 98398 29
Phone: +93920 030 9

Career Objective: To serve worthy employers through my services as a butler.

Professional Experience

Engaged with the Lawsons, a family of legendary British Aristocrats, who recently decided to move back to their homeland. My duties included running the domestic staff, delving in family finances, providing Valet services and so on.

Butler Objectives:

  • To run the domestic staff as smoothly as possible
  • To take care of the family finances
  • To set strict schedules to be followed by the staff
  • To set menus for meals
  • To ensure that stocks are replenished once depleted
  • To deal with mail
  • To arrange for meetings and such


City and Guilds Level 3 Diploma for Butlers (500/6598/1)

A butler's achievement is a happy family.


  • Caves Exploring
  • Mimicry

Upon request

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