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Railcar Repairer Resume

Railcar repairers focus on the service of railroad locomotives and various rolling streetcars, stock and subway cars, or even mine cars. The majority of rail car repairers are hired for railroads by private or public transportation companies, and by rail car producers.

Railcar repairers carry out regular maintenance verifications on rail gear. They service brake, fuel and transmission structures to make sure that peak performance and safety standards are reached. Maintenance verifications and comments from gear operators usually highlight the issues to the rail car repairers. After finding the problem, these workers, with the help of their knowledge and experience, use the best method to resolve it.


Which are the educational requirements for Railcar Repairers?

Even though the industry specialists suggest that candidates should finish a standard heavy equipment mechanic or diesel equipment mechanic training plan after high school, many of them succeed as railcar repairers by being trained on the job. Normally, a railcar repairer with 3 to 4 years of on the job practice is received as completely qualified. In addition to these, there are several certifications that can be obtained by railcar repairers.

Railcar Repairer Resume Sample

Personal Details

Name: Martin Giggles
Address: 22, 12th Street
Westville, US 87228
Home: (322) 988-6006,
Mobile: (477) 233-3021


Looking for a position as a Railcar Repairer

List of Skills

  • Vast ability to communicate in an efficient manner and to solve business problems.
  • Proficiency in working with PC applications.
  • Profound working experience and knowledge with an excellent management system.
  • Unique comprehension of Railcar Repair & Truck assembly mending, overhaul of M214 facility.
  • Vast field knowledge (FRA, AAR and Tank Regulations).
  • Outstanding knowledge of proper procedure documentation and usage and welding process variables.
  • Noteworthy experience in remote visual inspection, visual inspection, leak testing and penetrant testing.
  • Solid capability of reading and understanding blueprints.

Working Experience

State Department of Transport, Westville, US
2007 - Present

Railcar Repairer
Duties and Responsibilities

  • Tailored, fixed or replaced components if required to ensure appropriate functioning.
  • Disassembled gear like control valves, water pumps and compressors so that mending can be carried out.
  • Put in and fixed interior flooring, walls, steps, plumbing and platforms.
  • Painted car interiors, exteriors and fixtures.
  • Carried out planned upholding, and cleaned components and units.
  • Fixed window sash frames, added channels and weather stripping to frames, and changed window glass, with the help of hand tools.

State Department of Transport, Minneapolis, MN
2004 - 2007

Railcar Repairer Intern
Duties and Responsibilities

  • Fixed, constructed, and put in wood or steel fittings utilizing shop sketches, blueprints and instruction manuals.
  • Changed faulty insulation or wiring, and repaired electrical connections, with the help of hand tools.
  • Assessed the car's electrical systems by using testing gear and operating systems.
  • Verified units for correct functioning before and after mending.
  • Repaired the upholstery of the car.
  • Carried out various duties if required.


  • Associate's Degree in Mechanical Engineering
ABC University, Westville (2003)
Available upon request

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