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Recreation Worker Resume

Recreation workers are required to arrange, systematize, and direct these happenings in local parks, playgrounds, senior and community centers, nursing homes and supplementary senior camps, housing, and tourist attractions.


These workers guide groups in recreational activities such as sports, arts and crafts, performing arts, camping and further particular interests. They ensure that participants follow the rules of the recreational units or camps and that safety regulations are followed so that no guest gets harmed. In addition, recreation workers are encountered in some companies or business groups, where they arrange leisure doings for employees, for example bowling or softball and put together sports leagues.

There are no specific educational requirements for becoming a Recreation Worker. For the seasonal and part-time job, the majority of employers ask for at least a high school degree, while the permanent positions need more training and education.

Companies looking for administrative recreation workers want the minimum of a master's degree in recreational fields or administrative areas of expertise. For the supervisory positions, a bachelor's degree or an associate's degree in social work or in human resources. Depending on the state they work in, they have to have a license or certification. Before going on this path, the candidate should study his state's regulations and laws.

Recreation Worker Resume Sample

Bethany Gregory
81, Sunny Avenue
Random city, US, 87666
Home: (888) 345-8765,
Mobile: (995) 454-9888

Job Objective

Looking for the post of a recreation worker in a reputed company where my innovations and skills will get the professional environment to bloom and blossom.


  • Extraordinarily ingenious candidate with over four years of experience in organizing and managing recreational activities, for instance excursions, sports, creative arts, games, clubs, for people that were in the custody of the State.
List of Qualifications
  • Vast working awareness of athletic and recreational activities, procedures and rules
  • Considerable experience of present CPR and first aid supplies and procedures
  • Exceptional working ability in applying emergency first aid and CPR procedures
  • Outstanding working capacity of operating maintenance and recreational equipment
  • Noteworthy skills in communicating both orally and in writing
  • In-depth knowledge of reading and following instructions
  • Excellent acquaintance in reading graphs and charts
Professional History

Blue County Department of Recreation, Randomcity, US
2007 - Present

Recreation Worker

Responsibilities Include

  • Using cash registers and POS systems
  • Receiving payments for the rendered services
  • Opening and closing cash registers
  • Handing out shoes to clients
  • Gathering shoes after clients' game
  • Helping out bowlers with the keeping of the score.
  • Handing out cue sticks and pool balls to customers.
  • Collecting the cue sticks and the pool equipment after the game ended.
  • Gathering a range of free games after the customer used them.
  • Cleaning and maintaining the working area
  • Cleaning counter, walls, core tables, ball returns, and video games every morning
  • Moving, lifting and setting up chairs, tables and extra furniture
  • Setting up the video and the audio equipment
  • Reorganizing rooms when required
  • Offering effective, polite and efficient service to all the clients
  • High School Diploma, Randomcity, 2006

Available upon request

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