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Roofer Resume

A roofer works on installing new roofs on newly constructed houses or repairs roofs.. Safety is a major factor that a roofer has to deal with, as most of their work requires a lot of heavy lifting and are always at a risk of slipping and falling from the roof. Therefore, a safety precaution such as wearing a harness is a must for them.

The duties and responsibilities of a roofer:

  • Inspecting slate shingles, roofing tiles, metal roofs for leak
  • Removing old roofs, installing roof insulation, and performing repairs as indicated
  • Installing composition shingles, roofing tiles, slate shingles and flashing, and applying cold process for roof coatings


  • Determines what material is needed for roof and flashing repairs or the installation of new roofs 
  • Supervise other workers performing the replacement or repair of roofs
  • Estimate the cost required for roofing materials and labor to complete the job, and provide price quotes
  • Construct scaffolding for safe access to roofs
  • Prepare surfaces for waterproofing by hammering the rough spots and rubbing them with brick
  • Routine cleaning and maintenance of equipment
  • Inspecting the roof for problems and determining the best method to repair them

Skills and abilities requirements

  • Ability to remove and install new roofs, to erect necessary rigging
  • The ability to work at heights on inclined or flat surfaces
  • Ability to supervise other workers
  • Ability to understand and follow written and oral instructions, climb ladders and the skill in using appropriate equipment and tools
  • Installing equipment to meet specifications
  • Selecting desired equipment needed for the job

Job activities

  • Performing physical activities: activities such as climbing, lifting, balancing, handling of materials, etc.
  • Getting information: obtaining information from relevant sources

Education/Training requirements

A roofers' job requires graduation from a vocation school or considerable experience in roofing operations. If you want to follow a career as a roofer you must have knowledge of the equipment, tools, materials and techniques used in roof installation and repair, knowledge of the safety and hazard requirements of the job, knowledge of different materials and general specification for various roof types.

When you are writing a resume, you can choose from the following skills and abilities to add in your resume. You can choose from skills like equipment selection, operation and control, and coordination skills. The abilities you can mention in your resume are gross body equilibrium, static strengths, stamina, extent flexibility, manual dexterity or explosive strength. It is important that you add the skills and abilities that you possess and which are related to this field so as to create a good impression with the employer.

Roofer Resume Sample

Personal Details

Name: Jack Bradley
Address: 2nd Petal Street, New York 70999 89909
Phone: (555) 555 1232


Seeking a position as a Roofer.

Summary of Qualifications

  • More than seven years of experience
  • Exceptional knowledge of the material, techniques, and tools used in the repair and replacement of various roof surfaces
  • Remarkable knowledge of safety procedures and practices
  • Solid ability to follow written and verbal instructions
  • Great ability to read and understand written instructions
  • Solid ability to apply general mathematical concepts
  • Exceptional ability to establish effective relationships with other workers
  • Exceptional vision to read materials
  • Good physical condition and the ability to tolerate working at heights
  • Remarkable ability to operate different manual and electric equipment and tools

Professional Experience

New Level Engineering, New York, USA
Lead Roofer, 2002–Present

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Applied roof materials like asphalt, gravel, mineral cap, wood shingles, and cement tiles
  • Applied flashing and sealing compounds and wet patch
  • Replaced broken shingles and tiles
  • Repaired roofs with emulsion or fiberglass screen
  • Applied gravel, paper and mineral cap
  • Cleaned gutters and down spouts


  • High School Diploma, 2000, New York High School, USA
  • On the job training, New Level Engineering

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