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Roofers Helper Resume

The labor represents challenging physical work and they perform various tasks. Roofer helpers ought to be physically healthy, thorough, and capable of following instructions speedily and professionally. It is vital that they focus on what they are performing, respect safety regulations, and grow to be practical with numerous types of tools. Construction firms are constantly employing teams of laborers, so possessing abilities in a number of fields is for an all time excellent idea.


When wanting to become a roofer's helper, the candidate has to consider having a number of compulsory skills. The majority of employers look for laborers having excellent communication skills and those able of efficiently working with their colleagues. Roofer's helpers need to easily understand directions, written or spoken, and carry them out without problems. In addition, helpers ought to be self-motivated and self-directive in order to perform their duties in a professional and not time consuming manner. Writing and computer skills are also important, but not mandatory.

As they are general laborers, roofer's helpers are not required to have higher education, a high school diploma is more than enough and companies generally look for literacy and the fundamental learning skills. Some of these employers ask for some credit courses along with other training courses such as first-aid certification. The most important are the learning skills, because the actual training is done on the job; usually, helpers want to become roofers, but that needs additional training and further experience. If wanting to easily land a job as a roofer's helper, the candidate should also have some experience as general laborer on a construction site.

Roofers Helper Resume Sample

Personal Details

Name: Tom Rooferson
Address: 11, North 2nd Street
Random Town, US 23111
Home: (902) 228-4021
Mobile: (837) 938-0910


Gifted worker seeking employment as a Roofer's Helper

List of Qualifications:

  • Physically able;
  • Well-built;
  • Dedicated worker;
  • Trustworthy employee;
  • Familiar and practiced in construction trades
Professional History

Roofer's Helper,

Roof Roofing Company, Big City, US
Duties and Responsibilities

  • In charge of assisting roofers put in asphalt shingles on 2-4 storey city houses and commercial buildings.
  • Unloaded and loaded roofing resources and maintained roofers supplied with the items they required.
  • Removing aged roofing shingles and tiles and collected garbage and rubble at building sites with the help of wheelbarrows and additional gear.
  • Handled the mixing, the pouring and the spreading of the material.
  • Cleaned-out spills and carried out various activities as assigned.
Construction Helper,

ABC Construction, Random City, US
Duties and Responsibilities

  • Helping plumbers, carpenters and roofers by supplying materials, getting the work site ready, cleaning the site up at sunset and ordering the needed supplies.
  • Certificate of Completion
Bigville Trade School, 2003, Bigville, US

Involvements and Accolades

  • Member of the American Association of Trade Workers
  • Received the Community Service Award 2009

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